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How to Baffle Squirrels

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Baffling Squirrels: Keep Squirrels Out of Bird Feeders

For many, keeping squirrels out of bird-only feeders has been an ongoing battle. Oftentimes, the squirrels find a way to spring from a nearby tree or branch and land clumsily on your feeder, helping themselves to the seed or spilling just enough seed to give them a little feast once they bounce off and land on the ground.

Many people go to extremes keeping squirrels off their feeders, and their backyard ends up looking like a collection spot for tin cans and line. Using squirrel baffles is a tactic that will help reduce clutter as well as the possibility of squirrels hoarding all of your seed.

Belle Fleur Sweet Treat Café Caged Feeder

Baffle from above and below: Adding a baffle on the top of your feeder prevents squirrels from accessing your feeder from above. Make sure that you place your feeder far enough away from "launching pads," such as trees. Adding a baffle below your feeder prevents a "ground attack" from squirrels climbing up the pole and getting to the seed.

If greedy squirrels are bullying birds and gobbling seed at your feeders, here are a few feeding methods that baffle them every time:

  • Some feeders are enclosed inside an attractive metal cage that allows birds to come in and access the feeding ports but is spaced too small to allow squirrels through. In frustration, they usually give up. An example is the Belle Fleur Sweet Treat Café Caged Feeder.

  • The weight-sensitive, spring-operated perches used on some feeder varieties close off seed access to squirrels or heavier birds. You adjust the spring's tension to the weight that fits your needs.

Thanks to clever designs, you can save seed and feeder space for invited guests only.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em Squirrel-In-A-Jar Feeder Squirrels are very intelligent, and it seems they always find a way to access our bird feeders. However, these pesky critters can actually be entertaining if you provide them a feeder of their own as an outlet for their smarts and acrobatic abilities. One of the quickest and most entertaining ways to keep squirrels out of your bird feeders is to give them a feeder of their own. So, why not set up a squirrel feeder? This makes a pesky situation entertaining!

Using their clever wits to climb and enter squirrel feeders, squirrels are challenged and rewarded at the same time. Offer them foods that they must chew and gnaw, such as corn and peanuts, to provide the additional health benefit of grinding down their constantly growing teeth. Then use feeders that will entertain their clever minds as well as satisfy their hunger, such as our Squirrel-In-A-Jar Feeder. Keep squirrel feeders stocked at all times, so they are not tempted to stray. A feeder of their own may just do wonders for their disposition and keep them away from your bird feeders for good, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the serenity of your backyard.

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