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Heartworm Quiz

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Heartworm Preventive Comparison Chart 
Wormer Comparison Chart 
Why Vaccinate at Home? 
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Sheltie & a cat See how much you know about heartworm and its prevention!

Reading the other articles in this section will give you a better chance of getting an "A," and the knowledge you gain will help you protect your pet.

(Answers are provided at the bottom of the page)

  1. Does heartworm only occur in dogs?

  2. What is the immature stage of the heartworm that is laid by the female worm and may be found in the blood of infected animals?

  3. What parasite transmits heartworm to pets?

  4. What are three easy steps you can take to protect your pets from heartworm?

  5. Why is regular heartworm testing important?

  6. How long does it take for an infected animal to test positive for the disease?

  7. How often are heartworm preventives administered?

  8. What determines what time of year to start giving heartworm preventives?

  9. What are three ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting your pet?

  10. Heartworm disease is determined by what kind of test?


  1. No. Heartworm can also occur in other animals such as cats and ferrets.

  2. Microfilariae.

  3. The mosquito.

  4. Regular blood testing for heartworm, preventive medications, and reducing your pet's exposure to mosquitoes.

  5. To ensure your pet is heartworm-free before starting or continuing a preventive medication, and to detect a heartworm infection before it causes serious and permanent damage.

  6. In dogs, tests are usually not positive until about 6-7 months after infection has occurred. In cats, it is usually about 7-8 months after initial infection.

  7. Some medications are given to pets monthly, while others are given daily.

  8. When mosquitoes are present in your part of the country, although the American Heartworm Society recommends giving preventives year round.

  9. Eliminate breeding sites, reduce exposure during times mosquitoes are most active (dawn and dusk), use repellents.

  10. Diagnosis of heartworm disease is determined by a blood test.

Learn what every pet owner needs to know about heartworm prevention:
visit our special Heartworm Disease Information Section!

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