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Best Winter Warm-Ups

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From the time your cat was born, she had a keen sense of temperature from receptors in her face. These helped her find her mother before her eyes were open. As she grew into adulthood, these temperature receptors become even more sensitive. As a result, she is constantly on the lookout for a sunny spot in front of a window or a heat vent. As she ages, her need for supplemental heat will only increase, especially should she become arthritic.

Your cat spends the majority of her life at rest. It is natural for her to sleep long hours, up to 16 hours per day. Where and how she sleeps can make a big difference in her comfort and overall health. This is especially true during the winter months. While you sleep under an extra blanket, your cat should not have to sleep in a cold draft.

The best way to assure your cat good rest is with a heated bed, pad, or perch. These are designed with low wattage heaters that warm to approximately 102° F, the average body temperature of most cats, or raise the bed temperature just a few degrees above the ambient room temperature, making them extremely inviting.

Our veterinarian's top choices for cat warmth can help you determine what is best for your cat:

Heated Furniture

Super Thermo Sill Cup - Snuggled in a 4" deep ring of thick, soft foam covered in natural-colored fleece, your cat will love the view from the heights of this heated nest. A removable 6-watt heater warms the bed to a comfortable 102° F. The plastic base is lightweight, yet sturdy enough to support two or more cats, and can easily be removed from the sill to be used as a regular bed.

Heated Beds

Heated Cat Cup - Your cat will enjoy this thick, orthopedic foam nest, made irresistibly comfortable by its washable sherpa fleece cover and a gentle, heat-radiating unit. When vacant, the cup maintains a temperature just a few degrees above room temperature to tempt your cat. When she climbs aboard, a special sensor raises the temperature a few more degrees, making it delightfully comfortable. The Heated Cat Cup is an all-time favorite among cats and cat lovers.

Deluxe Heated Pet Bed - Covered with soft foam and a removable, washable faux lambswool sleeve, this heater can be used alone or inserted into any bed to add warmth. It warms to a natural 102° F when in use by your pet, and remains 10 degrees above room temperature when not in use.

Thermo Bed - This soft, plush-filled bed has a double-sealed heating element that remains 12 to 15 degrees above room temperature. It is especially nice for older or arthritic cats.

Insulated Pads and Beds

Drs. Foster & Smith Cozy Cushion - The ultra-soft Cozy Cushion contains a special thermo-reflective material that conserves your cat's body heat and reflects it back when needed most, warming her without electricity. Its heavy-duty leopard-patterned faux fur fabric is machine washable.

Purr Pad - Warm, ultra-soft polyester Purr Pad keeps your cat purring while it works as an insulator to absorb and hold your cat's heat. Place on your cat's favorite chair or in her secret hideaway where she loves to frequent.

Hideaway Bed - This bed enables your cat to literally crawl under the covers. Miracleloft™ polyfil provides support. Fluffy lambswool fleece surround her as she crawls inside to conceal herself within the attached blanket and bed.

Providing the warmth your cat craves can be easy and inexpensive. She will enjoy your thoughtfulness throughout the year.

Even a soft bed your cat can snuggle into will provide her with some of the warmth she craves. Whether it is a deep Slumber Ball covered in soft berber fleece and filled with MiracleLoft™ or a Heated Cat Cup that's easy to sink into, your cat will appreciate the bed you offer her.

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