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Dog Clothes Overview

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Preventing Heatstroke in Dogs 
Mosquito Control 
Winter Safety for Outdoor Dogs 
Protection Against the Elements

Your dog may not be adequately acclimated to winter cold or summer heat. On the coldest of days, even indoors, you may find her seeking warmth, cuddled on top of a favorite throw, or next to a heat vent. Exposed to the cold, it may take only a few minutes for her to become dangerously chilled. Conversely, under the hot summer sun, and under a hotter fur coat, she can suffer heatstroke, while the scorching pavement can burn her paws. Rain-soaked, her coat can be a misery. Fortunately, because owners across America are waking up to the benefits of clothing, dogs no longer have to tough out the extremes of weather on their own. In fact, even on the nicest of days, clothing can keep your dog cleaner, safer, and more comfortable.

The Advantages of Clothing Your Dog There is more to clothing than protection from weather extremes. Day in and day out, your dog can benefit from the protection of clothing, just as much as you do. Good clothing can help your dog better adapt to seasonal changes and enjoy more time outdoors, while costumes and sportswear can add fun to holidays and events. Also, good clothing will…

  • Warm your dog
  • Keep her dry
  • Protect her paws
  • Keep her coat clean
  • Reduce insect bites
  • Repel fleas & ticks
  • Cool her in hot weather
  • Protect her against sunburn
  • Keep her safer on the sidewalkand on the water
Clothing for Any & All Activities

Outerwear No pet enjoys being over-chilled, over-heated, or just plain filthy. Outerwear - jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters - work effectively to conserve your dog's body heat. If she runs in brush, outerwear will help prevent mosquito and spider bites, and repel fleas and ticks. If your dog is treated with a flea and tick topical that repels, these pests seldom come near. Outerwear will also help keep burrs and thistles out of her coat to simplify grooming.

Your dog does not sweat through her skin. Instead, she pants and releases heat through her paws and nose. If your dog is outside, light protective clothing, like cotton jersey, can help cool her by reflecting the hot rays of the sun, and also help prevent sunburn.

In cool, damp fall or spring weather, an added layer of protection can make all the difference. A lightweight sweatshirt, sweater, or coat is the perfect warm-up. An easy-care Basic Sweater is a great choice.

When the temperature drops even further, your dog needs a heavier sweater.

When it's raining or sleeting, a dog raincoat will save you from toweling off a soaked and shivering companion.

Boots Remember the pain of walking across hot sand at the beach? Your dog faces situations like this all the time on sizzling summer sidewalks. Winter is no kinder to her paws, especially if she must wade through snow or walk across ice. Boots provide excellent protection from these extremes, and can also be a good idea if you walk your dog regularly on hard, abrasive pavement, or off-road where she might encounter glass, thorns, or other hazards. Rubber-soled Silver Paw All Terrain Easy Fit Dog Boots take only moments to put on, and provide all-weather protection year round.

Sleepwear Because your dog cannot easily keep a blanket over her throughout a chilly night, pajamas are a good solution.

Sportswear If you run or walk after dark, you know to protect yourself with reflective gear. What about your dog? For optimum safety, dress her in a Taos Reflective Coat, with wide reflective tape strips to boost nighttime visibility. For added style, remember that many of our sporty sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets can be personalized.

Waterwear Hiking near water? Boating? Swimming? If yes, always safeguard your pet in a pet life preserver.

Putting on the dog Most dogs readily accept and appreciate clothing. For others, it may take a while. With experience, they usually come around. Offering treats will reinforce and speed cooperation. Also, to avoid problems, never mock your pet verbally when she is clothed. If you do, she won't understand the words, but she will understand your tone.

Drs. Foster & Smith offers a wide selection of clothing for your pet. Whether you simply wish to make a fashion statement, or want clothing to keep your pet warm, dry, and comfortable, we have the right apparel.

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