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Dog Ramps: How They Help

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
FAQs: Dog Hip and Joint Supplements 
Exercise and Older Pets 
Elevated Feeders Overview 

Dog ramps allow easy access for your arthritic dog to reach elevated places, such as vehicles, decks, or furniture.

Nothing is more important to the loving bond shared between pets and their owners than spending time together. If physical limitations - including age, size, or health conditions, such as dog arthritis - prevent us from enjoying time together, we should do whatever we can to look for solutions that will allow us to be together as much as possible.

Dog ramps and Stair-Steps offer ideal solutions for helping smaller, older, and arthritic pets stay close to us by turning steep climbs into gentle inclines, allowing them to easily get in and out of vehicles and on and off of furniture. These portable tools easily (and often dramatically) improve a pet's quality of life, while simultaneously helping to prevent owners' physical problems, such as hernias and sore backs, resulting from repeated lifting of pets.

The lightweight Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp is designed to help small, large, arthritic, or aging pets into vehicles - especially today's sizable SUVs. At nearly six feet in length, this non-skid ramp reaches over 30" high, holds up to 500 pounds, and quickly folds up for easy storage. Optional accessories, such as a handy carrying bag, further enhance this convenient ramp. Stair-Steps allow your arthritic dog to access his favorite resting spots

Our sturdy Indoor Ramp is great for providing access to furniture or beds and is easily configured to fit the exact spot at which your pet requires assistance. It's also ideal for smaller pets who may otherwise have trouble accessing furniture and other out-of-reach spots. This ramp may also be used outside to provide access to porches, decks, and more.

Carpeted stairs such as our 2- and 3-step Stair Steps are ideal for providing pets with stable traction to get up and down from furniture, a deck or porch, or a favorite windowsill perch.

These ramps have helped improve the quality of life for thousands of pets and their owners, and are among our "Favorite Products" since they contribute in such a positive way to that very special bond shared between our companion pets and those that love them.


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