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Celebrating Special Needs Pets

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Celebrating Special Needs Pets

Your pet is family. You love her unconditionally, and she loves you! So what if your pet suddenly became blind, deaf, or paralyzed? You’d still love her, but life would definitely change. Pets with special needs/disabilities come into our lives in many different ways, and thanks to today’s healthcare innovations, we can make their lives easier and be happier together.

A disabled pet has the same needs and emotions as any other pet. She wants to play, socialize, and be mentally stimulated. Chances are she doesn’t even realize there’s something wrong with her, especially if her condition is something she’s lived with her whole life.

Life with your aging pet

As your pet ages, she may naturally lose sight, hearing, or mobility due to age-related conditions. Changes in sight and hearing are often not immediately evident. Lost mobility, however, is readily evident. Regardless of the disability, a disabled pet will adapt and live a happy life on a daily basis.

How a pet with special needs adapts is largely up to her pet parent. Yes, a handicapped pet might need more help or attention, but the trust and love you and your pet share outweighs any limitations. Living with a disabled pet isn’t always easy or stress-free, but support groups and industry experts like Drs. Foster and Smith can offer parents of special needs pets insights and strategies for ongoing success.

Solutions to best navigate changing health conditions

Many new products help simplify everyday life for pets with special needs: Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs for dogs who suffer from weak or paralyzed hind legs, the Walkin'® Drag Bag for pets with paralyzed hind legs, and even products to help pets recovering from injuries or surgery. Explore our entire new line of special needs products.

Thinking of adoption?

Handicapped pets are totally adoptable, and shelters house plenty of special needs animals waiting to find their forever home. If you are looking to adopt a disabled/special needs pet, consider the following: your family’s lifestyle, financial resources, patience level, time availability, your physical ability to literally handle a disabled pet, and your willingness to possibly forgo “normal” pet/parent activities like playing fetch or going for long walks. In most cases, adopting a special needs pet requires only a few simple environmental changes and some behavioral adaptations on your part.

Already share your life with a special needs pet?

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Please like us on Facebook and share your special needs pet’s story. Or just stop by to say hello! And remember, you and your pets are not alone.

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