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Celebrate National Dog Day, August 26

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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National Dog Day is August 26th

Your dog's enthusiastic greetings, frequent kisses, and happy grins give you plenty to celebrate. National Dog Day, August 26, gives you an entire - and official - day to recognize and appreciate your canine companion for all she does to enrich your life.

This annual dog-appreciation holiday, started in 2004 by pet expert Colleen Paige, gives dog parents a perfect occasion to share a little extra love and pampering, while also bringing attention to the large number of dogs still in need of rescuing/adopting.

A Day to Thank ALL dogs National Dog Day offers people in the US and worldwide the chance to show appreciation for their companion dogs, as well as police dogs, fire dogs, seeing-eye dogs, therapy dogs, rescue dogs, and other dogs dedicated to helping humanity grow and thrive.

10 Fun, Easy Ways to Celebrate

  1. Spend extra time with your canine buddy! Visit a favorite park, enjoy a hike, go for a bike ride, take a swim, play an extra-long game of fetch, take photos together, get a doggie-sized ice cream cone at your favorite vendor, or enjoy another special activity your dog loves.
  2. Host a National Dog Day party for all your friends and their dogs. If you don't have room at your home, organize a block party or head to a local park that welcomes dogs. Don't forget to serve treats and lots of fresh water for 4-legged guests!
  3. Adopt a new canine companion from your local shelter or a rescue organization.
  4. If you currently don't have the space or resources to adopt, volunteer at and/or donate supplies to your local shelter or a favorite rescue organization.
  5. Review your home's safety plan, check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and verify that your pet's first-aid kit is stocked and ready.
  6. Contact your local legislators and ask them to support pet-friendly laws in your state, city, town, or village.
  7. Help your neighbors with their dog-related needs - offer to walk dogs, pick up waste, or help run dog-related errands.
  8. Brush your dog extra thoroughly. Use a Love Glove or KONG Zoom Groom to provide a soothing massage as you brush away loose hair.
  9. Teach your dog a new trick (be sure to use training treats to reward her and reinforce your efforts). Or, introduce her to agility, a great activity that keeps both you and your dog moving.
  10. Splurge on a fun new toy or two, a stylish new collar, and/or an intriguing new treat.

Most importantly, celebrate your treasured dog and her undeniable awesomeness this National Dog Day and EVERY day!

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