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Dog Food Rolls Overview

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Chicken Recipe Senior Dog Food
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As interest in and demand for quality dog food nutrition increases, a greater variety of dog food types are available for pet parents. Since no single type of dog food is able to address the specific needs of every dog (and pet parent), many new options are now readily available to satisfy a highly segmented market. Dog food rolls, for example, offer a great choice for busy pet parents in search of convenience and meaty nutrition that appeals to finicky pets.

What are Dog Food Rolls?

Dog food rolls are instantly identifiable by their novel, rolled or log-like presentation. Dog food rolls are meaty, semi-moist preparations with the flavor appeal of wet, canned dog food but with the practical, economical to feed (per-serving) quality similar to dry dog food. These meaty foods offer the best of both worlds with highly palatable nutrition at a sensible price.

Can-Free and No-Cook Convenience

Dog food rolls offer an appealing choice for pet parents with finicky pets. If you resort to canned foods or prepare extra chicken or steam vegetables to coax a fussy pet to eat, then dog food rolls are right for you. Easier on the budget than, and just as desirable as canned food, dog food rolls are readily accepted and do not require special preparation. Simply slice desired amount and serve. Dog food rolls are also a smart choice for travel as they are easy to pack and carry.

Condensed, Concentrated Nutrition

With a moisture content less than canned foods and more than dry foods, dog food rolls offer a happy medium providing a source of essential moisture while maintaining nutrient density. In other words, dog food rolls are packed with nutritious ingredients and a little goes a long way. Smaller, more efficient meals are often more gentle on the digestive system and result in less waste. In addition, an easier-to-eat moist, yet firm consistency is a great benefit for convalescent or older dogs that have difficulty chewing hard kibble.

Creative Cuisine

Many dog food rolls are nutritionally complete, meaning they can be fed as the primary food for adult dogs. However dog food rolls are much more than a daily diet. Thanks to their unique texture, dog food rolls are easy to cut and shape for cuisine customized to your specific needs. Slice, shred, cube, mash, grate, or crumble to top-dress or mix with kibbles. Mix with homemade dog food recipes for added vitamins and minerals. These versatile foods are perfect as a delicious reward or snack. The possibilities are endless for creative cuisine!

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