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Build Your Bird's Own Special Toys for Custom-Made Fun

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
How to Choose the Best Toys for Your Bird 
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Original Treat Pinatas for Conures to Amazons
Original Treat Pinatas for Conures to Amazons
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A and E Cage Java Wood Floor Tree
A and E Cage Java Wood Floor Tree
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Deluxe Parrot Cage with Playtop
Deluxe Parrot Cage with Playtop
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Customize a toy for your bird to keep his particular personality and temperament stimulated. Remember that the best toys are those created for your bird, with his preferences for texture, style, and components being the number one decision. Look at the toys he already has that he likes. Choose toys that are appropriate to his size. Small, lightweight toys and mirrors are perfect for small birds; larger birds like to manipulate thicker toy pieces with their beaks, tongues, and feet.

Rotate toys so your bird does not get bored with the same toys day in and day out. This way he has more to play with and he won't lose interest. And as any bird owner knows, a bird who doesn't lose interest is a happy bird.

Answer the following questions to pick out components for building your bird's own toy. Bring the family together and have fun creating it.

  • Does your bird like hanging toys? Use Plastic Chains, Cotton Rope, Leather Strips, or Sisal.

  • Is his favorite activity chewing? String some tough Leather Pieces, Wood Toys, Plastic Wheels, Donuts, or Vine Rings onto the toy.

  • Does he enjoy preening? Select items with shredded paper to place in the toy.

  • Does he tear toys apart? Make sure to put Paper Rope on his toy, or use wicker Munch Balls.

  • Does he enjoy shiny things (what bird doesn't)? A bell is essential, or add a mirror.

  • What about sound? If he responds to sound, add a bell.

  • Does he enjoy color? Make sure he has plenty of bright components, such as Sneakers, Wood Pieces, and colorful Sisal Rope.

  • Also, all birds enjoy foraging. Pick components you can tuck seed into, such as Vine Balls, Groovy Blocks, or Star Rings, and string them on to the toy.

If you're still having a tough time deciding on a toy to build, we have a Build Your Own Toy Kit which gives you everything you need to build one toy or several.

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