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Pond Plant Care Product Guide

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Pond Plants: How to Get the Best Results! 
Repotting Pond Plants 
Fall Pond Plant Care Tips 
Ease Pond Plant Care With The Right Tools

Lush healthy pond plants are not just beautiful to look at but also play an important role in the overall health of your pond system. Use this handy guide to see if you have the right plant care products to maintain both pond aesthetics and pond health.

Plant Food & Fertilizers provide the necessary nutrients for vibrant growth and beautiful blossoms. Always use products designed for aquatic plants since terrestrial plant foods and fertilizers may release excessive amounts of nutrients into pond water and potentially fuel aggressive algae growth.

Plant Food Dispensers, such as the long-handled Nycon Plant Feeder offer a super convenient way to dispense aquatic plant food tablets. Simply place tablet into the end of the feeder, plunge into planting media and release the tablet – no need to enter your pond to feed your water lilies!

Planting Media made specifically for potted aquatic plants provides proper drainage and resists compaction to allow healthy root development. Avoid potting soil made for terrestrial plants as most contain a variety of "add-ins" that can compromise pond water quality.

Planting Containers are available in a variety of styles to accommodate pond plants large or small. Unlike terrestrial planting containers, these provide superior drainage making them significantly easier to remove from your pond should the need arise.

Plant Protectors offer a simple and sensible solution to prevent hungry koi from snacking on your favorite pond plants.

Waders are essential for avid water gardeners who prefer to dive in feet first when tending their plants. Protective gear keeps you dry while providing secure footing.

Gloves are the perfect choice for water gardeners who would rather stick closer to shore. Arm-length gloves keep arms and hands dry and clean as you garden from shore.

Pruning Tool extends your reach to ease pruning of browning or dead foliage for a well-manicured look.

Nets allow easy cleanup of fallen debris or clippings after pruning. Use pond nets to remove sunken debris and skimmer nets to make short work of floating debris.

Plant Feeder API POND AQUATIC PLANTING MEDIA Plant Baskets Aqua Gloves

Pruning Tool

Pruning Tool

Laguna Pond Nets

Laguna Pond Nets

Nycon Floating Pond Plant Protector

Nycon Floating Pond Plant Protector

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