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Protect Valuable Koi from Pond Predators

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Protect Valuable Koi from Pond Predators

Pond netting is an invaluable maintenance tool that keeps falling leaves and debris out of your pond. But did you know pond netting has an alternative use cherished by serious koi keepers? Learn more about the benefits of this versatile defense against pond poachers.

Pond NettingBenefits of pond netting

One of the greatest benefits of pond netting is its simplicity. There is really nothing complicated about pond netting yet it boasts many appealing features. As an effective preventive tool against pond predators, pond netting lets you enjoy:

Ultimate Predator Protection: As a true physical barrier, pond netting provides koi-keepers peace-of-mind knowing there is a protective layer between their valuable koi and predators. Select the appropriate net spacing based on the type of predators that visit your pond. When in doubt, select pond netting with a fine mesh weave like the Premium Pond Netting. A tight weave keeps both hungry paws and beaks from harming pond life.

Dalen Black Nylon Pond Netting

Easy Installation: Pond netting installation is extremely straightforward and can be accomplished in a day without complicated or back-breaking work. Simply drape over your pond and secure into place.

Discreet Placement: Pond netting may seem very conspicuous at close range but virtually disappears from view from a distance. Pond netting easily blends in with your pond landscape and does not detract from beautiful pond views you work so hard to maintain.

Minimal Maintenance: Unlike other predator control products, pond netting does not require replacing batteries or multiple applications to ensure reliable predator protection.

Easy Transition of Function: Laguna Pond NettingInstalled once at the beginning of the pond season, pond netting provides continuous predator protection throughout the summer and into fall. When leaves begin to change colors in fall, rest assured knowing that your pond netting has given you a head start preparing for fall maintenance.

For koi-keepers experiencing exceptionally wily predators, consider pairing pond netting with predator control products for extra measure. Please remember, your product purchase is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your selection, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

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