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Spring Into Action

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Building a Pond: Step-by-Step Guide 
Planning and Budgeting Your Pond 
Beyond Koi: Adding Life to Your Pond 

Early spring is when you really start thinking about how your backyard, your area of serenity, will look in the coming months when you get to enjoy it. Check out our pond products and information to see what we offer to enhance or ease your pond keeping needs.

Want to build a pond? See our step by step guide "The Birth of a Backyard Water Garden". You will find many components you can use to help make pond building easy.

Looking to add fish this year? Check out for fish that may be perfect for your pond.

Do you already have fish but need feeders this year? Pellet dispensing feeders are great for vacationing pond-keepers or for everyday use.

Do your fish need some new spring food after being fed less during the cold months? Read our article about spring and summer koi nutrition for some tips. We also offer an abundance of foods where you’ll find a food that’s right for your fish.

Spring is a great time to think about getting your fish used to humans again. Feeding treats encourages fish and humans to interact.

Do you wish for more movement in your pond? Consider a fountain or a waterfall. These multifunctional units can also help boost biological filtration, pond water movement, and aeration.

Could your pond use some fun features? Choose from our selection of quality pond products for unique pieces sure to accentuate any pond. Décor such as statues, standing birds, fun fountains, and more add distinction and personality to your pond or water garden.

Need lighting this year to add drama? We have many different types – halogen, LED, solar, to illuminate dark or hidden areas in or out of water to add dramatic flair to pond and garden features.

Is pond maintenance getting you down? See our great selection of tools to help ease spring pond maintenance.

Do you have winter equipment issues and need new or updated pieces, like a de-icer? Consider adding these to your purchase so you’ll be all set when next winter arrives.

Whatever you need for your pond, whether equipment, fun décor, healthcare, plants, fish, or foods, you’ll find it in our pond supplies.

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