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Tetra Flake Foods for Progressive Fish Nutrition

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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The ideal flake food diet should provide more than basic nutrition. But which one should you offer? Selecting the right one has gotten confusing due to a growing number of choices. Fortunately, Tetra simplifies the selection process with their line of flake foods formulated to satisfy even the finickiest of fish.

Find out why Tetra brand fish foods are the key to successful fish nutrition.

Why Tetra? Quality food for your fish should support optimal health but also offer flavor and variety without compromising aquarium water quality. Through decades of research and experience, Tetra developed a popular line of flake foods made with highly nutritious ingredients plus vitamins and minerals in a formulation that's easy to digest. These unique "Clean and Clear Water" formulations deliver concentrated nutrition for less waste. Tetra continues to improve and refine their line of flake foods to ensure quality nutrition for all aquarium fish.

Original Flake Foods - The formula that started it all The world's favorite aquarium fish food sets the foundation for optimal health, color and vitality. Scientifically formulated flakes contain "ProCare," a patented health-enhancing blend of Omega-3 fatty acids and a biotin supplement, to provide energy and enhance fish metabolism. Staple nutrition is easy when you offer your fish Tetra Flake Foods.

Plus Flake Foods - The next step to better nutrition The "Plus" added to the popular Tetra flake foods means more for your aquarium fish. A step up from the original, these enhanced flakes offer the nutrition and variety of two distinct foods in one convenient formula. Your aquarium fish benefits from everything Tetra flake foods offers plus another flake type for extra flavor, nutrition and color enhancement. For 2-in-1 convenience aquarium fish can't resist, feed Tetra Plus Flake Foods.

Tetra Crisps - THE best in super premium nutrition What happens when you apply advanced food technology to Tetra flake foods? The answer is Crisps! This unique food innovation offers unparalleled benefits in terms of reduced waste, improved tank clarity, feeding convenience and fish appearance and acceptance. Each enhanced crisp has a concentrated center to address specific nutritional needs in each bite. Uniform crisp size allows easy monitoring to avoid overfeeding. Offer Tetra Crisps for peace-of-mind knowing your prized aquarium fish are receiving the very best.

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