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Flea and Tick Control for Cats Compatability Chart

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Treating the pet

Many pet owners ask if they can simultaneously use two or more flea and tick products on their pet. In the past, more than one product was often needed if you wanted to kill both the adult and developing fleas. Many of the newer flea and tick products that kill adult fleas and ticks also prevent flea eggs and larvae from developing.

There are situations in which using two products together on the pet may be more effective. In such cases, we may recommend using two products if they are administered differently and have different mechanisms of action. We do NOT recommend using more than two flea and tick products together on a pet.

The combinations included in the following chart are guidelines. They should be safe for most pets, however, every animal is different and two animals can react very differently to the same product. If there are any questions, or if a pet is old, sick, pregnant, or nursing, you should talk with your veterinarian before using the product. Any flea and tick product listed in the chart can be used along with a heartworm preventive, such as Heartgard.

Treating the environment

Remember that in addition to treating fleas and ticks on the animal, you also need to treat the pet's environment, indoors and out. Many indoor products contain both an adulticide (permethrins and pyrethrins) and ingredients to kill the eggs and larvae (Nylar and Methoprene). Examples include Bio Spot® Carpet Powder, Bio Spot® Cat Flea and Tick Spray, and Bio Spot® Yard Spray.

When using foggers, you need to cover/seal fish tanks, and remove any birds, before using. Vacuum and wipe off counters/eating areas thoroughly after using any fogger.

Compatibility of Flea and Tick Products for Cats    Also, click here to view the Flea & Tick Control Compatibility Chart for Dogs

Advantage II Bio Spot for Cats Capstar Fipronil containing products Pyrethrin containing products Revolution

Advantage® II for Cats

- C C C C C

Bio Spot® ACTIVE CARE SPOT ON® for Cats

C - C C N C


C C - C C C

Fipronil containing products¹

C C C - C C

Pyrethrin Containing Products²

C N C C - C

Revolution® for Cats

C C C C C -
Advantage II Bio Spot for Cats Capstar Fipronil containing products Pyrethrin containing products Revolution
Y = Yes; in healthy animals, these products can generally be used together safely.

C = CAUTION. These products have not been approved by the manufacturers for use together, and no information on the safety of using them together is available. Using two products may be safe if the administration of products is separated by several days to weeks. Always consult your veterinarian before using two products together.

N = No. We do not recommend using these products together. Both products may contain similar ingredients, or there may be a risk of an interaction between them. Consult with your veterinarian if you have questions.

¹Fipronil containing products include Drs. Foster & Smith Fiprotrol™ Plus and FiproGuard™.

²Pyrethrin containing products include Bio Spot® Flea & Tick Mist with Nylar for Cats and Drs. Foster & Smith Flea & Tick Shampoo.

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