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Compare Aquarium Light Fixtures

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Lighting Guide 
Do's & Don'ts with LED Aquarium Lights 
Kelvin Rating: What is it? 

Choosing the right light fixture for your aquarium can be overwhelming. With all the choices available, it is often hard to know which would work best for your setup. Use this handy selection guide to help you navigate the options and determine the best fixture for your aquarium.

  Fish-only (F) Fish-only (S) FOWLR Planted (F) Reef (S)
(NO) FLUORESCENT FIXTURES - standard or normal output (NO); low operating cost and heat emission; wide variety of lamps with color temperatures ideal for both freshwater and marine applications
Perfecto Fluorescent Strip Lights - Single  
All-Glass Strip Lights - Single, Black  
All-Glass Deluxe Hoods  
  Fish-only (F) Fish-only (S) FOWLR Planted (F) Reef (S)
T-5 FLUORESCENT FIXTURES - use bulbs that produce light almost twice as bright as standard fluorescent fixtures. Takes up less space than other high output fixtures; a smart space-saving choice when bright light is required in a limited space
Coralife Aqualight HO T-5 Double Strip
  Fish-only (F) Fish-only (S) FOWLR Planted (F) Reef (S)
COMPACT FLUORESCENT FIXTURES - employ dual or quad tube lamps to emit significantly more light from a single lamp; easily does the job of two standard fluorescent fixtures; less expensive to purchase, operate, and maintain compared to HO fixtures
Coralife Compact Fluorescent Lunar Aqualight
  Fish-only (F) Fish-only (S) FOWLR Planted (F) Reef (S)
METAL HALIDE FIXTURES - high intensity discharge (HID); provide intense illumination capable of providing several hundred watts of light, excellent for aquariums deeper than 24"; bulbs create shimmering effect to provide a more natural lighted appearance in your aquarium
Hamilton Technology Cayman Sun HQI System      
  Fish-only (F) Fish-only (S) FOWLR Planted (F) Reef (S)
LED FIXTURES - high-tech, energy-efficient; consume less energy than most traditional fluorescent fixtures, yet produce bright light; use for supplementary or independent light source depending on need
ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Fixtures
ecoxotic RGB Panorama Pro LED Module
Marineland Aquatic Plant LED Light w/Timer      
LED Aquarium Hood    
LED Aquarium Light    
TrueLumen Pro LED Striplights  
TrueLumen LED Strips  
3.0W Marine LED Light Fixture  
Sol Super Blue LED Light    
R420R (RAZOR) LED Lighting System    

(F) = Freshwater    (S) = Saltwater

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