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How to Choose the Best Toys for Your Bird 
How to Keep Bird Toys & Accessories Clean 
Toys...More Than Just Playthings 
Wood Pile Bird Toys
Wood Pile Bird Toys
As low as $15.99
Cotton Wreath Bird Toys
Cotton Wreath Bird Toys
As low as $18.99
Wesco Pet Bird Kabob Toys
Wesco Pet Bird Kabob Toys
As low as $7.99
Toy Variety Helps Ensure a Healthy Bird

For your intelligent, social bird, toys provide more than mere fun. Toys are essential to ongoing mental and physical health; they keep your bird busy and happy - especially when you're not at home. Your investment into several different types of toys will pay off tenfold as your bird stays amused and safe.

Hanging Wood Toys For many birds, hanging wood toys are the ultimate! These toys move responsively and are meant to be chewed - an instinctive (and bird-favorite) behavior. The Wood Pile and the ever-popular Cocotte keep your bird busy while also protecting your possessions. Treat Piñata
More Terrific Toys
Foot toys occupy larger birds.
Noisy toys entertain with sound.
Cotton toys offer preening fun.
Mirrors create instant playmates.
Hanging acrylic puzzle toys offer interesting challenges.
Educational toys build intelligence through levels of learning.
Foraging Toys Cater to your bird's instinct to search for food and treats. Shreddable foraging toys, such as the Treat piñatas and the Foraging System let your bird destroy bird-safe paper and other materials. Acrylic foraging toys, including the Foraging Wheel Foraging Toy and Transporter Foraging Toy offer multiple compartments for your bird to open. A variety of puzzle toys pose thought-provoking challenges; Treat Cages, Treat Puzzlers, and Refillable Foraging Toys all offer satisfying activities.
Natural Toys In the wild, your bird would be surrounded by wood, leaves, and grasses. Why not make playtime a little "wild" with natural materials? String & Burl Bundles, Foraging Pouch, and Triple Play Foraging Basket offer the variety of chewable, shreddable natural fibers he loves.
Piñatas With hidden surprises and a variety of textures, bird-sized piñatas provide plentiful shredding and foraging fun. Zoo Chews, Parrot Piñatas, and Octopus Piñatas offer natural fiber rewards, while Treat Piñatas reveal treats of your choosing.
Build-Your-Own Toys You build it; he loves it. Kits give you everything you need to create one-of-a-kind, stimulating toys. Or, select individual components, including plastic chains, blocks, and wood wheels to fulfill any birdie desire.
Select toys that fit your bird's size and temperament. Large birds require big, hard-to-break toys. Small birds need smaller toys that won't frighten or confuse. Remember, rotate toys regularly to prevent boredom.
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