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Cold Weather Comfort For Ferrets

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Ferrets & Snow: Winter Weather FAQ 
Back to Nature: Let Your Ferret Discover the Outdoors Safely 
Cold Weather Comfort For Ferrets 
Ferret Cold Weather Essentials
Keeping your ferret safe, healthy, and comfortable in all seasons should be your number one priority when it comes to being a ferret owner. Below are some of the ferret supplies we recommend for the colder months during winter.

Marshall Ferret Shampoo & Spritz Dry Skin Issues
Ferrets have problems with dry skin just like we do in the winter. In areas where it's colder, dry air from heaters can cause dry, cracked skin and excessive itchiness. To keep your ferret's skin and coat soft, you can do the following things:

  • Use a conditioner if you bathe your ferret during the winter.
  • Use a skin and coat supplement like FerreTone.
  • Use conditioning sprays.
  • Put a humidifier near the ferret cage.
  • Rub your ferret down with a very small amount of olive oil or liquid Vitamin E.

Keeping the Cage Cozy & Clean
During the winter months when the house is shut up, it's especially important to keep your ferret's cage clean because odors will quickly become overwhelming. Nature's Miracle Deodorizing Cage Wipes for FerretsMake sure to scoop litter daily and dump the litter pan weekly. Wipe down the cage and wash all of the bedding weekly. Use odor removing sprays to control strong odors on bedding, furniture, and carpets. If you have multiple ferrets, consider cleaning the cage more often and dumping litter two or more times a week.

In addition to keeping the cage clean, you also want to keep it warm and cozy for your ferrets. While they do much better in colder temperatures than we do, you still need to provide lots of comfortable bedding for them to nap and play in. Ferrets are most comfortable at 65° to 68°, so don't worry that keeping the house under 70° is going to be unsafe for them. They'll probably be happier than you will! Just put lots of hammocks, sleep sacks, beds, blankets, and other pieces of bedding in the cage, and your ferret will be just fine.

Taking Your Ferret Outside
Advantage Multi If you live in an area that gets snow, your ferrets will probably love playing in the snow for short periods of time. If you take them outside in the snow, make sure to put a harness and lead on them. Ferrets can escape just as quickly in the winter as they can in the summer unless they are restrained in some way!

If you live in a warmer region where fleas and other parasites are an issue year round, make sure that you have the proper supplies on hand. These include:

With the above ferret supplies on hand, your ferret will be safe, healthy, and happy throughout the winter months no matter what region of the country you live in.

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