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You Can Help Fill Feeders!

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Drs. Foster & Smith Backyard Kids - Wild Birds Kids can feed wild birds, tooKids can feed wild birds, too Would you like to become closer to the wild life right outside your door?

Birds are amazing creatures. They start their lives from inside tiny eggs and peck their way out using their beaks. Once they leave the nest and start gathering food on their own, it is fun and interesting to watch them.

Bird feeding is an excellent way to get them to come up close to your home, so you can observe them better. All you have to do is make (or buy) a bird feeder, hang it up near a window in your yard, and begin observing the birds that visit.

The basic seed feeder Kids can feed wild birds, tooThere are many kinds of feeders. Some are for suet, a high-fat bird food that is offered in a solid chunk. Some are for nectar, a sweet drink that some birds sip. The most common bird feeders are made to hold seed, and they will attract the largest variety of birds. Cardinals, jays, finches, titmice, nuthatches, grosbeaks, chickadees and many other birds are known to use a seed feeder.

Fill your feeder Select a seed variety that includes plenty of sunflower seeds, a bird favorite. It's easy to fill a feeder. Remove the feeder lid and use a scoop to funnel the seed into the feeder, or pour directly from the bag.

Place your seed feeder Once your feeder is filled, find a place to hang it. Tree branches are often used, but they will also attract squirrels, which you may not want. If possible, mount your feeder on a pole.

Keep your feeder clean During warm months, it is best to clean your feeder every couple of weeks. This keeps the feeder clean and safe, so your birds won't get sick from using your feeder. Empty out the seeds into a container, and wash the inside of the feeder with mild soapy water. Use a long, narrow brush to remove dried on food. Rinse really well, and dry completely before refilling.

Various types of wild birds & the feeders they prefer

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