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Ferret Ownership: Top 10 Tips

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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10 Tips That All Ferret Owners Need In the world of ferrets, knowledge is power. When you become a ferret parent, getting the right information to increase your knowledge can be a challenge with all of the conflicting information out there. To help you out, we have a few tips:

#1 Find a good veterinarian - having an experienced ferret veterinarian can save your ferret's life!
#2 Feed a proper diet - ferrets are obligate carnivores, so the healthiest diet is one in which all food and treats are quality sources of animal-based protein and fat.
#3 Litter train - with a little patience, ferrets can be trained to use a litter box but you will probably still find "accidents" from time to time. Clean them up with a good cleaner and odor reducer, such as Nature's Miracle.
#4 Groom regularly - ferrets will groom themselves, but you will still need to clip their nails, brush their teeth and clean their ears on a regular basis. Products like the Kaytee Pro Nail Trimmer and Ear Clens Solution work well.
#5 Routine cleaning - ferrets do have a musky smell, but keeping their environment clean (scooping litter boxes daily, washing bedding, and wiping down their cage) will keep odors to a minimum, no more noticeable than that of a dog or cat.
#6 Socialize and train - ferrets need to be properly socialized and trained not to bite, and this is something you should start as soon as you bring your ferret home.
#7 Proper housing - ferrets should always be caged when you are not around to supervise them; this is for their own safety. Purchase a secure cage, such as the Ferret Nation, and make sure your cage is even more secure with a Cage Lock. An exercise pen like the Exercise Pen for Ferrets is ideal for containing your ferret during out-of-cage playtime.
#8 "Ferretproof" - ferretproof any room in which your ferret will play, and check regularly to make sure there are no new dangers. Use Cord Protectors on all electrical cords.
#9 Routine playtime - ferrets need at least four hours of playtime out of their cage each day, and you should spend at least two hours of that interacting with them. The PURRfect Toy Wands are a fun way to encourage active playtime. See our toy section for more interactive items that will increase the fun factor for both you and your ferret!
#10 Be responsible - ferrets are very high maintenance pets that require a high level of responsibility - if you aren't ready for the commitment, you aren't ready for a ferret.

Even though ferret care is very different than dog or cat care, you can do a great job when armed with the proper knowledge. We know that with these helpful tips, any new ferret owner can be a great ferret parent in no time!

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