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Spring Birdwatching Favorites: Customer Testimonials

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Finch Flocker Tube Feeder

Finch Flocker Tube Feeder "This feeder is awesome! Goldfinches are one of my favorite birds and they look even more spectacular when they eat in flocks. This feeder allows many of them to feed at the same time, increasing their beauty. In fact, I had so many goldfinches at my 15" feeder, that I purchased the 36" feeder too! My yard is filled with beautiful song and bright color every day. I've had my feeder out constantly for a couple of years and it looks as good now as it did the day I put it out." Collett Mitchell - Green Bay, WI

Metal Oriole House Metal House Oriole Feeder "I really look forward to the migrating orioles in the spring, and orioles seem to find this feeder year after year. Last year we counted 5 of them feeding at the same time! I think the bright orange color and fresh fruit slices really catch their attention. The durable powder-coated steel construction allows this feeder to maintain its beauty and durability, year after year." Peyton Pitterle - Iowa City, IA

HummZinger Excel HummZinger Excel "Spring and summer are my favorite times of year and I especially look forward to hummingbirds visiting my feeders. However, the feeder I was using was causing me more frustration than fun. Ants and bees were constantly invading the feeder and I could never figure out how to keep them away. I purchased the HummZinger Fancy from you and it is perfect! The bright red color attracts many hummingbirds, but the ant moat and bee guards keep annoying insects out! Finally, a feeder that both hummingbirds and I can enjoy!" Addison Winkler - Bristol, TN

Squirrel Be-Gone III Triple Tube Bird Feeder Squirrel Be-Gone III Triple Tube Feeder "This feeder really does work! The weighted perches keep squirrels out and allow birds to eat. I can't tell you how many times a week I was filling my feeders because the squirrels were stealing the seed. I bought this feeder from you and now I'm filling the feeder because the birds are finally getting to eat! The squirrels can't get to the seed and have given up trying! The metal detailing looks beautiful too." Vivian Janowiak - Kansas City, MO

Never Melt Suet Never Melt Suet "I love watching nuthatches and woodpeckers at my suet feeder, but the suet never seemed to last long in the hot sun. These suet cakes seem to stand up to the summer heat so we can enjoy birdwatching all year long. Thank you for carrying them!" Nikki Puchta - Springfield, IL

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