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Dog Bed Design Selection Guide

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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What is the Best Bed for Your Dog?

ogs can sleep in the strangest places and positions. But did you ever think that the way your dog sleeps could give you a hint as to the type of bed he prefers? For example, does your dog curl up or stretch out? Sleep on his back or on his tummy? Some dogs like to cuddle up in your recliner while others will sleep on your bed with their head on your pillow. Think of these as clues...find the beds that best match your dog's sleeping habits.

Our 3 basic bed designs
#1 Super Support Beds
CLUE: After a long romp outside, your old boy runs straight for a soft, cushioned spot to lie down (which is where you can find him most days).
ANSWER: Your dog may need extra support. These dogs love to sleep on their sides and belly with legs out, tucked in, or straight behind them. Their needs are simple - a nice spot to call their own and a comfortable, extra-supportive place to cushion their joints. Our Deluxe Orthopedic Pad offers excellent cushioning against hard and drafty floors. Our Quilted Super Deluxe Bed is 7" thick with an orthopedic foam mattress and quilted cover. See also our Lightweight Pet Stairs for our most popular indoor stairs.
#2 Lounging Beds
CLUE: At bedtime your dog can generally be found lying on his back, counting Z's - on YOUR bed.
ANSWER: Your dog may love a lounger. These beds offer the softest and roomiest spots possible on which to crash. If your dog falls asleep sprawled out on his back, these classic square or round beds deliver ample room to stretch, and plenty of cushiony support. See our tough, tear-resistant Tuff-N-Ruff Bed and our very popular Ultimate Classic Bed.
#3 Nestling Beds
CLUE: You come home to find your dog on your sofa snuggled against the back pillows, his head resting on its arm or curled up nose-to-tail in your favorite recliner.
ANSWER: Your dog may prefer a pillowy nest with lots of protection. These beds feature higher walls and supportive sides to rest his head. See our Luxury Bolster Bed with thick orthopedic foam mattress and overstuffed bolster, Deluxe Snuggle Up Bed with pillow softness everywhere - or our Slumber Nests or Slumber Balls where he can sleep nestled in peace and security.

Price, patterns, and personalization

e understand that each pet owner needs to pick a bed that fits their budget as well as their home. With that in mind, our beds are always made with heavyweight fabrics and high quality fill that are designed to last for years. It makes sense to invest a little more now, rather than buying a discount store bed you'll have to replace again soon. From our basic to deluxe beds we have prices to suit any need. And inside every bed is the same extra quality as in our most expensive beds.

Remember, you can personalize many of our beds and turn a simple item into something special.

As always, when purchasing any Drs. Foster and Smith item, you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction.


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