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Remote Training 101

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Electronic Remote Training, How to Use 
Bond and Co. 6' Red Dog Lead
Bond and Co. 6' Red Dog Lead
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Super Large Piddle Pads, 35" x 30" by Drs. Foster and Smith
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CLIX Training Clickers and Whistles
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Dogs are not dumb. When you are training them they quickly realize that you cannot correct their behavior unless you are standing close by. Some remote units have a range of nearly one mile! Remote collars make it possible to humanely correct, discipline, and even reward your dog, even at a distance. Remote collars are one of the most effective training tools for professional trainers and individual pet owners alike.

Remote training is easy... even at a distance and done humanely with minimal correction.

Remote collars can be helpful in many situations such as:

  • Refusing to come when called (once your dog knows the command)
  • Chasing cars
  • Chasing other animals
  • Digging
  • Nuisance barking
  • Field training

Remote collars work quickly and effectively, allowing you to distract your dog by breaking her train of thought so she can center her attention on your command. Remote collars quickly help your dog associate unwanted behavior with an unpleasant sensation.

Remote collars are not, as some people believe, a cruel tool. They also will not injure a dog. In fact, when used correctly, the sensation your dog feels from the collar is similar to the sensation you get from static electricity.

In the past, collars only had one stimulation level to choose from. We now offer collars with several levels of stimulation, so you can determine the exact level your dog needs.

Introducing your dog to a remote electronic collar

When introducing a remote training collar to your dog, do not immediately turn it on. Let her get used to the extra weight of the receiver unit first. Once she is used to the collar, put the receiver on the very lowest setting and increase just so your dog recognizes that she is being disciplined. You can determine this by watching her. She will most likely look startled as if an insect has flown past her ear. She should not yelp or look as if she has been harmed at all. Increase the level only if you need to. NEVER increase the stimulation in response to your own anger.

A remote collar system will include the collar with a receiver attached to it, a hand-held transmitter, and accessories that allow you to adjust the level of stimulation. These collars are not difficult to use and come with an easy-to-read instruction manual. Some collars even include a video with training hints and tips. A dog who listens to you is a joy to be around, and will cause you much less of a worry. Consider a remote training collar as a valuable tool in your training program.

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