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Stories From Our Clinic: Car Accident!

Stories from our Clinic
Stories from our Clinic It was early Sunday morning just after the graveyard shift and Martha was tired. She didn't have a long drive home, but her eyelids felt heavy and she just wanted to get to bed. It was a sunny morning and Martha was driving with her Australian Shepherd, Crikey. She clipped Crikey into his harness and then into the back seat and then strapped herself in and took off.
The highway seemed quiet that morning as she merged onto it. Martha didn't remember much of what happened next, but she recalled a deer darting out and herself turning the wheel to avoid it. Next thing she knew, she was in the ditch. Once she recovered her faculties, she looked around to see if Crikey was all right. He was panting and seemed a little stressed, but otherwise he looked unhurt. But Martha knew from her experience that any animal involved in an accident should be checked out. She called us to see if we were open yet, and asked if she could bring him in.

When they came in, we gave Crikey a full physical exam to make sure he had normal movement and didn't have pain anywhere. We explained that by using a harness and seatbelt on Crikey, Martha quite possibly saved her dog's life or at least prevented him from incurring serious injury.

Luckily, Crikey remains healthy and Martha, in her work, has her very own precautionary tale to convince her clients to have their pets restrained when they are in the car.


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