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Indian Ring-necked Parakeet

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Indian Ring-necked Parakeet

hough moderately small in size, Indian Ring-necked Parakeets are big talkers that love to show off. Highly intelligent, they can be taught to speak, whistle, mimic other sounds, perform tricks, and more. What makes them unique isn't simply their ability to speak, but their ability to speak with outstanding clarity.

Green Ring-necked Parakeet The Indian Ring-necked Parakeet makes a great pet for those willing to provide the regular handling and socialization necessary to maintain its friendly personality and tameness. With a life span of 25 years, having these birds as pets is a long-term commitment. Also, with a tendency to be very vocal and quite loud, they do best in homes that can tolerate a noisy pet.

These magnificent birds mature to about 16" in length, largely due to the length of their tail feathers. These elaborate tails can extend up to 7" outward, females usually 6" outward.

The standard plumage of these elegant, beautiful birds is green, although many other variations, like Lutino (yellow), albino, and blue exist also. The male has a black neck ring with pink and pale blue outer rings. The female's rings are generally very pale and more difficult to see. The coloring of an immature Indian Ring-necked Parakeet is similar to the female's with immature males exhibiting the neck ring at sexual maturity. To sex an Indian Ring-necked Parakeet before sexual maturity, surgical or DNA sexing is required.

The price for an Indian Ring-necked Parakeet ranges from $100 up to $10,000, depending on color variation. They should be fed a wide variety of foods, including a high-quality pellet food, leafy dark green vegetables, orange vegetables, and a small amount of fruits. The Indian Ring-necked Parakeet makes a great companion for any home willing to devote plenty of time to training, handling, and interacting with their new friend and entertainer.

Interesting Facts:
Common Name: Indian Ring-necked Parakeet
Size: 16" in length
Family: Psittacidae
Habitat: Open country with trees, cultivated areas, urban areas, parks and gardens in India and nearby Islands.
Behavior: They are very vocal and sometimes loud; can be taught to speak, whistle, and mimic sounds.
Diet: In the wild, this species eats seeds, fruits, berries, flowers, grain, millet, and rice. In a caged environment, feed a pelleted diet augmented with green leafy and orange vegetables, plus a little fruit.
Owner Challenges: They can be very noisy.
Life Span: 25 years
Average/Initial Cost: $100-$10,000 - depending on color and variation.
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