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Birdwatching Favorites: Customer Testimonials

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Wild Bird Customer Favorites
Weather Guard Suet Feeder

Weather Guard Suet Feeder
"What a great price for such a durable birdfeeder. I was so impressed with mine, I picked up a couple for Christmas gifts this year. I love how the plastic roof keeps the suet from melting compared to metal feeders, and the birds seem to love it too! They keep coming back for more!"
Kasi, FL

EZ-Tilt Birdbath
"This birdbath is absolutely wonderful! It keeps birds coming into my backyard, even in the cold winter months. I was amazed! Plus, it's such a cinch to clean. Much easier than other birdbaths I've had in the past."
Betty, OH

EZ - Tilt Heated Birdbath

Squirrel Under Glass Feeder Squirrel Under Glass Feeder
"This product is great! I bought one for my mom's garden and she just loves it! The squirrels are in and out of it all day, and they actually leave her other feeders alone more because they have their own. My mom says thanks for the great product!"
Andy, MI

Drs. Foster & Smith Premium Waste-Free Total Cuisine
Premium Waste-Free Total Cuisine

"I have been feeding the wild birds "Drs. Foster & Smith Premium Waste-Free Total Cuisine bird seed" for a few months, and I have to say, I am really surprised by the amount of birds it draws in. Titmice, Chickadees, Cardinals, Juncos, Jays, Mourning Doves, and even Woodpeckers and Nuthatches love to visit my front yard and eat the seed. Out of all the seeds I've tried, this one works the best in attracting and keeping many quality songbirds to enjoy."
Anthony, NY

Triple Tube Wild Bird Feeder

Triple Tube Wild Bird Feeder
"Thanks for another great product, Drs. Foster and Smith! I ordered this feeder a few weeks ago, and since I have had it, my living room window has been surrounded by feathered friends. The squirrels around my house have tried a few times to get into this feeder, and as of yet they have not been able to! Thanks again!"
Jesse, MO

Never Melt SuetNever Melt Suet
"I love watching nuthatches and woodpeckers at my suet feeder, but the suet never seemed to last long in the hot sun. These suet cakes seem to stand up to the summer heat so we can enjoy birdwatching all year long. Thank you for carrying them!"
Nikki, IL
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