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Why Every Cat Needs a Place to Climb

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Why Every Cat Needs a Place to Climb 
Cat Furniture: Not a Nicety, A Necessity

Many cat owners see their cat furniture as an extra - nice to have, but not really essential. Consider for a moment your cat's instinctual behavior, and then take a look around your home. Does she have a place to climb and explore different heights? Does she have a safe place to scratch and establish territory? Does she have opportunities to hunt? If your furnishings and furniture are not acceptable places for her to display these behaviors, then cat furniture is an acceptable alternative - and a necessity to your cat's well-being.

Give Her an Outlet for Instinctual Activities Cat Furniture is made to address the instinctual needs of cats and helps relieve the stress your cat can develop when sharing her environment with humans and other pets.

Take, for instance, the need cats have to climb and seek different heights. Cat trees address this need with a design that incorporates maximum vertical range; some cat trees are constructed for floor-to-ceiling installation. Cats can paw at toys on ground level, or go to ceiling level to examine their indoor surrounding or to get a better look out a window.

Most cat furniture is assembled with posts made of carpet or sisal. These posts are no accident in design. They provide structural integrity while inviting instinctual scratching, which trims claws and leaves behind cat scent to establish territory. The need to establish territory is especially important in multiple-cat homes, and may even help prevent urine marking as a method of establishing territory.

Encourage Challenges Though indoor cats live longer, healthier lives than outdoor cats, they face a health risk rare to most outdoor cats - a sedentary lifestyle. When cats aren't given opportunities to hunt, explore, and exercise, they risk not only excessive weight gain, but also emotional problems linked to boredom, inactivity, and lack of challenge. Our cat furniture is made to encourage activity and exercise. Many of our carpeted pieces are equipped with a breakaway toy to encourage prey-like behaviors like pouncing and swatting. Plus, multiple levels ensure cats expend energy moving from level to level and crawling in and out of cubbies. And, the cubbies or corners can also provide a hunting challenge when you hide a favorite treat or toy inside for your cat to find.

For proper physical and emotional challenge, we would also recommend an assortment of toys to help your cat stay fit and active. And, please remember that indoor cats need playtime with their owners every day, which stimulates them socially and helps thwart boredom and troubling behaviors.

Cat Furniture - an Easy Solution Simply stated, cat furniture addresses the instinctual needs of cats. Within the limited confines of the indoor world, our cats' natural behaviors can often seem exaggerated or destructive. In response, we are often tempted to shoo or scold a cat for a behavior that is very normal. Cat furniture offers a place for her to vent all of these behaviors, safely and without destroying your furnishing or belongings. Cat Furniture lets your cat climb, scratch, explore, and be herself - without the shooing and scolding. Give your cat this precious and necessary gift.


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