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Kittens as Christmas Gifts

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Holiday Safety Tips for Cats 
Kittens as Christmas Gifts 
Halloween Safety 
Pets as Christmas Gifts

3 good reasons to wait until after the holiday season

  • The noise and busy atmosphere of the holidays may frighten the kitten at a time in her life when she may be least able to deal with it. Baby animals go through a natural "fear period," which occurs between 7-12 weeks of age, the time when a kitten is usually handed over to new owners. After the trauma of being taken away from mother and littermates, the hectic holidays may be too much and may even have a lifelong effect on the pet.

  • When you wait before getting your pet, you may avoid the "new toy" syndrome: to be played with and then ignored when the excitement of being new is lost. Saving the thrill of a new pet until after the holidays means that the whole family will be involved in the responsibility a "new baby" brings.

  • Successful housetraining needs a regular schedule. Most of us cannot provide this needed routine during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. And don't forget that you'll probably have guests coming in and out and you won't want (or have time) to clean up the little messes that come with having a new pet around.

Here we show you a simple two-step process that will prolong the excitement and give you great results!

Children, pets, and Christmas are a natural. If you have your heart set on giving a pet and watching your child's face light up, consider an after holiday pet. And, rather than offering the recipient a demanding, confused kitten, follow these guidelines:

Step 1
Wrap up a photo of the new kitten. The breeder or humane society will be happy to let you take one - some will even provide you with a photo. A special bonus: they'll be satisfied that you're a responsible pet owner!

Step 2
Make up a special kitten pet pack which could include:

  • Size-appropriate food and water dishes
  • Books on caring for cats
  • Grooming supplies - brushes or combs appropriate for the breed
  • A toothbrush and toothpaste - it's never to early to get the kitten started with good dental hygiene
  • Ear Clens® Pads - gentle on pet's ears
  • Low profile litter box with litter for kittens
  • Scratching post so you can train kitten to scratch early
  • Interactive and small, cat-appropriate toys
  • Collar and cat carrier for trips to the veterinarian
  • A warm, cozy place to sleep

Remember that anticipation, after all, is half the fun of a gift!


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