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Product Spotlight: Hanna Testers

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Overview: Electronic Testing, Dispensing, & Monitoring Devices 
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pH in Marine Aquariums 
Complex systems like marine or reef aquariums may require more tests, but careful testing helps you maintain ideal water quality crucial for the success of these sensitive systems. With each test, you gain more understanding of both your aquarium inhabitants and their environment. In a way, the forces of nature are in your hands as you turn potentially unsuitable water into an oasis in which your fish, coral, invertebrate, or plant species thrive.

Multiple Tests, Single Instrument Command testing responsibility with precision Hanna Instruments Testers. Perform multiple water tests at one time, all with the push of a button. These "dip and read" electronic testers offer precise results in seconds on a

  large, easy-to-read LCD screen. The pHep 4 and pHep 5 measure pH and temperature (°C or °F) while the DiST 5 and DiST 6 measure temperature, conductivity, and total dissolved solids. Additional water parameters can be measured easily with the pH/ORP Combo that measures temperature, pH, and redox potential or the pH/EC/TDS Combo that measures pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids, and temperature. You can even "freeze" each test result to record and track water quality changes. Plus, the convenient, fast dip-and-read technology minimizes user error while compensating for water temperature - resulting in accurate results, test after crucial test.
Each Hanna Instruments Tester combines multiple water parameter tests in one easy-to-use tool that gives you accurate, fast results at the push of a button.
Make calibrating your electronic testers simple and fast with the Calibration Solutions. Just dip the tester probe into the solution, press a button, rinse, and you're ready to test your aquarium water.
Electronic water testers combine simple use, portability, accuracy, and speed to measure a variety of water parameters at once. Best of all, after the initial investment you save money by reducing recurrent costs.


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