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Birdbaths Overview

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Winter Birdbaths: Why They're Essential 
Birdbaths, Cleaning Made Easy 
Birdbaths Overview 
As low as $6.29
Zanesville Glazed Birdbath
Zanesville Glazed Birdbath
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Bird Designs Birdbaths
Bird Designs Birdbaths
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Attract Birds with Birdbaths For all birds, water is essential to life. They need it daily for drinking as well as bathing. When you have the opportunity to observe wild birds in water, it is immediately evident how much they enjoy it. A simple bath looks like play, and it always appears to be a joy.

Offer birds access to water near your home

In the wild, birds get their water from wherever they can find it… ponds, puddles, and even the cupped leaves of plants after a rain. You can bring the beauty of local and transient birds into your life when you offer them access to water near your home or apartment. If you are able to accommodate a man-made stream or pond on your property, they will soon seek it out and return frequently. But for many individuals, space considerations rule these out. Fortunately, a birdbath can be installed virtually anywhere.

Birdbath Style Makes a Difference The most popular birdbaths are shallow basins. They require little maintenance, and birds are comfortable in them. A shallow birdbath, or one with a gentle slope to the middle, enables them to wade in. The deepest level should not be more than three inches. Because birds like to have secure footing, the bottom of the basin-style birdbath should not be too smooth – textured surfaces are the most desirable. If you can add a dripper to the birdbath, it may attract even more birds, since they love moving water. Hint: place some large clean stones inside to give smaller birds safe access, too.

Placement Matters A birdbath will not be popular if it is placed in the middle of an open yard where birds will feel vulnerable. A wet bird cannot fly fast, and needs close cover from predators. Instead, place your birdbath near an "escape route" – a tree, shrub, or fence where birds can take cover if startled.

Placed atop a pedestal, a birdbath offers a sense of security and stabililty. Also popular are birdbaths designed to hang from a tree.

When positioning your birdbath, think also of yourself. Place the birdbath where you can see it from indoors… from your desk, dining room, or kitchen. To make your birdbath easy to clean and refill make sure it is within easy reach of your garden hose.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Birds Healthy Change the water every few days, or even every day in hot weather. Dump it out or rinse it out with a strong stream from your hose. Use a bird-safe birdbath cleaner weekly to remove any debris and built-on residue.


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