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French Bulldog

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Breed Profile: French Bulldog Bred for companionship, the French Bulldog or "Frenchie" is a housedog and a "clown" among dogs. Many Frenchie lovers write that although the breed is an acquired taste, once you fall in love with the breed,it remains in your heart forever.

The Frenchie may be the perfect apartment dog, but do not leave him alone for hours on end, since he craves attention and the companionship of his owner. Alert, intelligent, and loyal, this breed gets along in multi-dog households. The Frenchie is neither a miniature English Bulldog nor a relation to the Boston Terrier.

History One ancestor is almost certainly the English Bulldog. In the mid 1800's, these miniature Bouledogue Francais, mixed with other breeds, were popular in the high society of France. Some had the "rose" ears of an English Bulldog, and some the "bat" ears so characteristic of the breed today. Once Americans became involved at the turn of the 20th century, the breed really started looking distinct. In the early 1900's, the Frenchie was one of the most popular dogs in the United States.

Living with a Frenchie Not particularly active outdoors, the Frenchie can be very active indoors. He has a stable personality and makes little noise. They can be mimics of other dogs in their pack, though, and if you have another breed that barks, your Frenchie will probably follow suit. Most everything written on the Frenchie includes the words "intelligent" and "alert," so be prepared for the challenges and rewards of training a smart breed! Be extra kind when disciplining a Frenchie - they are sensitive to correction. The Frenchie requires little grooming.

A French Bulldog may wheeze and snore and is very sensitive to the heat and cold. Keep him cool in the summer and dress him up warmly in chilly weather.

Interesting Breed Facts:
Popularity: 26th in 2008; with 6,963 registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).
First recognized as a breed: Its history in France (as Bouledogue Francais) dates back to the mid 1800's. The "Frenchie" was one of the first breeds recognized by the AKC (in 1898).
AKC Grouping: Non-Sporting.
Size: Height for both males and females is between 11 and 13 inches. The weight of a Frenchie is not to exceed 28 lbs.
Appearance: The short coat is fine and smooth. Skin is soft and loose. Coat colors include brindle, fawn, brindle and white, and all solid colors other than those disqualified by the AKC.

This breed's head is flat between the ears with a rounded forehead and a broad, deep muzzle. The Frenchie's "bat ears" are characteristic of the breed. The breed is heavy boned and has an ever-present expression of alertness.

#1 preventable problem: Being brachycephalic (short snouted), anesthesia is always a risk. Make sure you choose veterinary staff with experience in brachycephalic breeds.
Preferences: The companionship of a loving owner, car rides, and lots of attention.
Best features: Lovable personality, good nature, and a great canine sense of humor.


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