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Border Collie

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Border Collies are born to work!Regarded as the premier sheep herding dog, Border Collies are born to work. They thrive on constant activity and have an outstanding working ability. In fact, Border Collies and their forebears have helped humans herd livestock for centuries. Border Collie owners and breeders are fiercely proud of the breed's working ability and performance.

These tremendously intelligent dogs originated in the border counties between England and Scotland. They are extremely eager to please, quick to learn, and sensitive to commands. Therefore, they are also very easy to train. However, training should include constant exercise and mental stimulation or Border Collies will find their own entertaining activities. Because of their extreme intelligence, these activities may become destructive, and any training you provide must be consistent and thorough.

Interesting Breed Facts:
Popularity: 53rd in 2008; with 2,104 registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).
First recognized as a breed: Britain's International Sheepdog Society (ISDS) created and maintained the breed in 1906. The breed is also registered predominantly by the American Border Collie Association (ABCA) and by several additional registries worldwide. The AKC first recognized the breed in 1995.
AKC Grouping: Herding.
Size: Height at the shoulder: males: 19"-22", females 18"-21". Weight: males: 30-45 lbs., females 27-42 lbs.
Appearance: Border CollieThe Border Collie wears an intelligent, alert, and eager expression. Eyes are often brown, but may be blue. Ears are usually half-perked. Skull shape is wide, and muzzle tapers to the nose. Coarse or sleek coat is predominantly black and white. May also be solid color, bi-color, tri-color, merle, or sable. Overall impression is that of a highly intelligent dog ready to work at a moment's notice.
#1 preventable health problem: Athletic injuries - pulled muscles, ruptured ligaments, and foot injuries. Make sure your Border Collie doesn't overdo his activities.
Preferences: The Border Collie prefers to be busy and active every waking minute.
Best features: Intelligence, high trainability, a great work ethic, and the desire to protect his family.
Biggest challenge to owners: Owners must devote lots of time and open outdoor space to keeping Border Collies busy and entertained.


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