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Halt Birdy Boredom With Toys

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Halt Birdy Boredom with Toys

It's been a challenge keeping Jack, my Quaker Parrot, occupied. He's got a great personality but he's too smart for his own good. Even though I always keep a few toys in his cage, he gets bored easily. I have to stay on top of toy changes to keep him from squawking to remind me!

Recently, work was getting busier, and I wasn't changing the toys as often as normal. During water and food changes, I noticed Jack was beginning to pick his feathers.

One day, he had a few feathers stuck to his beak and a small bald patch. I knew I'd gone too long without offering him something new. So, I grabbed your catalog – that's when I noticed the article on toys.

The part about treat toys really hit home. Jack gets bored quickly with regular toys, but if I show him a treat, he perks right up and does anything to get it. I thought, why not get a treat toy to keep him occupied – something that challenges him to get at the treat?

I ordered a bunch of treat toys, and he LOVES them! Talk about motivation – he never seems to get bored with the Treat Piñata. He spends hours pecking, shredding, and tearing the piñata to get at the treats I put inside. I don't see him feather picking as much anymore either.

Thanks for the great articles and awesome selection of toys! Diane Swanson – Dover, MA

We Recommend
Treat Piñatas provide hours of pecking and shredding fun
Fill colorful Treat Piñatas with bird-only treats, and let the fiesta begin.
Treat Cage can be used as a bird toy or treat holher.
Treat Cage is a favorite of birds and owners alike, supplying your bird with a fun, safe outlet for chewing.
Rings of Fortune Bird Foraging Toy
Rings of Fortune Bird Foraging Toy challenges your bird to solve the puzzle before retrieving her treat. Your bird will learn to spin the rings and cherish the reward.
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