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Saltwater Aquatic Life When selecting your aquatic life provider, we encourage you to make conscientious and informed decisions to ensure a successful and enjoyable aquarium. Along with finding a reliable source for quality aquatic life, understanding species' requirements is one of the keys to a successful aquarium. Proper planning and education are important factors when deciding which species of fish are ideal for your aquarium and skill level.

With so many species and so much information, it may seem like a daunting task. To make this process easier, Drs. Foster & Smith's LiveAquaria takes a multiple approach, providing information and a large selection of healthy, quality aquatic life.

Education We provide extensive information for every species offered at to make the process of planning and researching potential inhabitants informative and convenient. We also have a comprehensive library of articles on diverse aspects of aquarium ownership and husbandry written by our expert aquatics staff and industry professionals to help you succeed.

Efficient Distribution Methods We are able to offer healthier, quality aquatic life by working closely with the best importers in the country. Each species is carefully inspected, packed by an expert crew of well-trained professionals, and shipped directly to your door. Our streamlined distribution method ensures your aquatic life arrives in the best condition possible. We back our commitment with a full 14-day guarantee – one of the most comprehensive guarantees in the business – on aquatic life available through Drs. Foster & Smith.

Freshwater Aquarium Fush Selections from Regions with Strict Protocols We feel strongly about focusing our efforts on fish from areas that employ sound collection, transport, and holding techniques. We clearly list the location of collection for every species fish available at We are proud to offer the largest diversity of fish from areas such as Hawaii, Cook Islands, Christmas Island, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, Melanesia, Australia, Coral Sea, East Africa, Red Sea, Costa Rica, and many more regions with strict protocols.

Captive-bred and Aquacultured Choices From Our Own Facilities We also offer you one of the largest selections of captive-bred, farm-raised, and aquacultured choices as a viable alternative to wild-harvested aquatic life.

Our own aquaculture coral & marine life facility employs the most sophisticated technology in lighting, filtration, water movement, and quarantine systems – to help minimize the impact on our valuable natural resources.

Drs. Foster & Smith is proud to be your aquatic life provider and will continue to work hard at always seeking out the best for you, while providing the most comprehensive collection of information to help you achieve your dream aquarium.

Our "direct to your door" delivery of more than 1,200 aquatic species makes an ocean full of aquatic life a call or click away. Streamlined distribution ensures there isn't a more direct route from the specimen's origin to your aquarium.

  • The highest quality, healthiest aquatic life - as veterinarians, our primary concern is for the health of the aquatic life we offer. No one offers you healthier, more vibrant specimens than we do - at retail stores or online!

    14-Day Arrive Alive Stay Alive Guarantee Your aquarium life is guaranteed to arrive alive and stay alive for a full 14 days from the day of shipping or we will refund the full purchase price of the lost items.
  • Lowest shipping rates in the industry - and the best shipping practices and policies anywhere.
  • Full 14-DAY GUARANTEE - one of the most comprehensive guarantees in the industry.
  • The best selection - the "best of the best" specimens on these pages are only part of the incredible selection we offer on our LiveAquaria website. Your supply isn't limited by the tank space available at normal retail stores.
  • Call with your questions - we are staffed with knowledgeable representatives who can answer fish, coral or equipment questions. The call is toll-free, 7 days a week, 7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. CST.

To order aquatic life online, visit or call 1-800-334-3699.

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