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Drs. Overview: Treats for Your Cat

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Treats for your Cat

Treats can prove invaluable in rewarding positive behavior and in reinforcing behavior learned during training. They're also a fun, inexpensive way to show your cat you love her. When choosing a treat, be sure to consider:

  • Your intended use - if you plan to use treats during training, smaller, lower calorie treats are a good choice. They're quickly consumed and provide minimal distraction from training tasks.

  • Your "treat frequency" - if you plan to treat your cat often, you might want to consider lower-fat or lower-calorie treats, which will help her maintain a healthy weight.

  • Your cat's age and relevant medical conditions - your older cat may have developed a dental condition that makes eating a crunchy treat difficult. If this is the case, you might have to limit your cat's treats to semi-moist or chewy treats. Natural treats might still contain a meat or carbohydrate source the cat is allergic to.

  • Your cat's preferences - treats are available in several different forms, flavors, and styles sure to fit your cat's unique tastes.

Although better for your cat than table scraps and meant to be given at any time, treats should constitute no more than 5% of your cat's diet. This is especially important for overweight cats. Treats can also help you avoid the problems associated with feeding table scraps - begging, weight gain, and picky eating.

Following, you'll find brief descriptions of some varieties of treats Drs. Foster and Smith offers your cat.

Protein-rich, Natural Treats
Delicious rewards with real meat, poultry or seafood are a fantastic source of much-needed protein for carnivorous feline companions. Drs. Foster & Smith Tuna Flakes, Pure Bites and Lamb Tweets are single-ingredient, animal or fish-sourced treats that offer high protein and nothing artificial. Bravo Healthy Medley Cat Treats offer 3 or 4 meaty ingredients for flavor depth. Your cat will do almost anything for a nibble on these mouthwatering choices.

Catnip treats
Help your inactive or bored kitty find energy and entertainment. Catnip treats are a terrific solution to boredom while you're away from home. Filling your cat's toy with catnip flakes, such as Drs. Foster and Smith Feline Fantasia® Catnip, will leave her with something she can swat, bat, pounce, and roll on while you're gone. Catnip is low in fat and low in calories so it also makes a terrific treat for your overweight cat, too. Available in flake, pellet, treat, or grass form, there are a variety of options when it comes to providing a healthy and entertaining treat for your cat.

Dental treats
Dental treats are treats specifically formulated to help remove plaque and tartar and keep your cat's gums healthy. The removal of plaque and tartar helps prevent painful and costly dental problems from occurring in the future. Because you might not always care for your cat's teeth as often as you should, crunchy dental treats are a good choice. With these treats, you can ensure your cat's teeth are cared for between dental cleanings and tooth brushings. When your cat crunches down on these tasty treats, she'll improve her overall dental health by helping to prevent tartar formation, plaque buildup, dental disease, and bad breath.

The perfect treat
Whether you're looking for a training aid, reward, or a fun addition to your cat's diet, you can rely on Drs. Foster & Smith to provide your cat with the tasty treats she deserves. From natural cat grass to freeze-dried 100% fish, we have treats to please your most cherished feline friend.


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