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Treat with a Purpose

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Treat with a Purpose

As a dog owner, you're no stranger to "Please give me a treat" eyes. Whether for a reward, a snack, or simply a demonstration of your love, you can give treats not only for fun, but also for a purpose.

Training aids
Treats can prove invaluable during training. Small treats like Hill's® Science Diet® Soft & Chewy Training Treats and Meaty Treats are ideal - they're easy to eat and offer minimal distraction from training tasks.

Weight loss
If your dog is on a diet, or if you prefer giving all-natural treats, try the low-fat, naturally nutritious Zukes Skinny Bakes Mini 10-Calorie Dog Biscuits and vitamin and mineral containing Healthy Edibles bones. These treats offer all the flavor and appeal of other treats which may not be conducive to weight loss.

Nylabone Healthy Edibles Natural Dog Chews A table scraps alternative
Treats can help you avoid the problems associated with feeding table scraps - begging, malnutrition, weight gain, digestive problems, and picky eating. While treats are better for your dog than table scraps, they should constitute no more than 10% of your dog's diet.

Dental health
A variety of dental treats are designed to help prevent painful, costly dental problems. Dental Scrubbies® are an excellent, flavorful dental treat that eliminates "doggie breath," stimulates gums, and reduces plaque and tartar.

Satisfaction for aggressive chewers
Your aggressive chewer will enjoy flavorful, natural treats like Signature Series® Bones & Chews and Beef Bones which typically last longer than other treats.

A safe and fun distraction
Certain circumstances require temporary "doggie distractions." Toss a Oven-Baked Crunchie into your dog's cage if he's reluctant to enter it. Or, keep an overly curious dog away from just-arrived guests with a treat-filled Kong toy.

You can rely on Drs. Foster & Smith for pleasing, purposeful treats.

We Recommend...

KONG Wobbler Dog Toy

KONG Wobbler Dog Toy

Dental Scrubbies® Treats for Dogs

Drs. Foster & Smith Dental Scrubbies® Treats for Dogs

Oven-Baked Crunchies Dog Treats

Drs. Foster & Smith Oven-Baked Crunchies Dog Treats

Hill's® Science Diet® Soft & Chewy Training Treats

Hill's® Science Diet® Soft & Chewy Training Treats


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