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Summer Feeding: Seed Mix Guide
Spring and summer wild bird feeding is just as important as winter feeding. Discover their unique energy needs in spring and summer.

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Attract More Hummingbirds, How to
As nectar feeders with extremely high metabolisms, hummingbirds are in constant search of the right type of flowers and small insects to provide the energy they need.
Attract Orioles & Hummingbirds: Top 10 Tips
When hummingbirds and orioles leave their winter territories and return to their breeding grounds, here are ten great ways to attract them to your feeders.
Birdbaths Overview
A birdbath located in your yard not only allows wild birds to have fresh drinking water - birdbaths provide a safe place for wild birds to bathe.
Birdscaping to Attract birds
Learn unique ways to deliver the big three: food, shelter, and water - and also transform your yard into a bird haven
Bluebirds, How to Attract
If you live near bluebirds, and wish to have them nest in your yard, there are some things you should know about their food and housing needs
Create a Harmonious Backyard Garden
From city apartment to sprawling country home, there are ways to blend the beauty of nature with the works of man to create tranquil outdoor spaces that take you away from it all. Learn how to create a harmonious backyard garden.
Foods That Keep Birds Coming in Spring and Summer
Learn which foods are the favorite of wild birds during spring and summer months, when feeder activity is at its peak.
Hummingbirds: 5 Ways to Attract More
Acquaint yourself with a hummingbird's character and habits and you're sure to be more successful at attracting them!
Hummingbirds: Invite with Hanging Flower Baskets
No matter how much we prepare for hummingbirds, they may not visit our yard. In addition to feeders, try hanging baskets full of nectar-rich flowers. Use these helpful tips!
Make Your Yard More Attractive to Seasonal Birds
Learn how the use of feeders and comfortable, safe housing can attract seasonal birds to stay and make nests in your yard
Spring Backyard Cleanup Tips Keep Birds Safe
Keep wild bird safety in mind this year during spring clean-up!
Spring Birdwatching Favorites: Customer Testimonials
A sampling of our spring wild bird products are commented on by some of our loyal customers. Learn how they work and their benefits from other people.
Suet: An Ideal Bird Food for Spring and Summer
Suet provides a super-concentrated source of energy, ideal for nesting birds. Today’s no-melt varieties are ideal for summer.
Water Sources: A Must-Have for Birds in Spring and Summer
Learn all the important ways birds use water in spring and summer, and why clean sources are crucial.

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Bluebirds, How to Attract
Hummingbirds: 5 Ways to Attract More
Birdbaths Overview
Warm Weather: New Article
Foods That Keep Birds Coming in Spring and Summer
Suet: An Ideal Bird Food for Spring and Summer

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