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GENERAL INFORMATION Open expanded article descriptions
10 Common Birds to Look For
Attract Hummingbirds with a Nectar Feeder
Bird Watching Terms
Different Feeders, Different Birds
Suet Feeding is Easy and Mess Free
Ways to Start Watching Birds
Winter Tips for Creative Bird Feeding
You Can Help Fill Feeders!

BIRD BODY PARTS Close expanded article descriptions
About the Contour Feather
Take a closer look at the parts of a wild bird contour feather.
Bird Anatomy 101
Look at wild bird parts closely, paying attention to their size, shape, and color. Then consult your field guide for identification.

CRAFTS & ACTIVITIES Close expanded article descriptions
Make a Pine Cone Feeder!
Simple step-by-step directions on how to make your own pinecone birdfeeder.
Make a String Birdfeeder
Making a string feeder can be a great activity for children and is an easy way to use items you already have at home to feed the local wild birds.

QUIZZES, GAMES & FUN Open expanded article descriptions
Backyard Kids Coloring Pages
Backyard Kids Crossword Puzzle
Bird Identification Quiz 1
Bird Identification Quiz 2
Bird Species Word Scramble
Bird Word Find #1
Bird Word Find #2
Bird Word Scramble
Which Bird Doesn't Belong?

WILD BIRD PROFILES Close expanded article descriptions
Baltimore Oriole Profile
The Baltimore Oriole is a very pretty sight. Many bird watchers look forward to seeing them pass through their yards during spring migration. Learn more about this species.
Black-capped Chickadee Profile
The Black-capped Chickadee was named for its "chick-a-dee-dee" call and its cap of black feathers on top of its head. Learn more about this species.
Blue Jay Profile
Blue Jays are easy to spot due to their bright blue color and crested head, but are not always a welcomed sight. Learn more about this species
Cedar Waxwing Profile
The Cedar Waxwing was named for its love of fruits & berries and for the bright red, waxy material that forms on it's feathers. Learn more about this species.
Eastern Bluebird Profile
The bluebird is a sign of love, hope and happiness. Learn more interesting facts about this wild bird.
Gray Jay Profile
The Gray Jay frequents campsites to steal food left out by humans, a habit that has earned this bird its "Camp Robber" nickname. Learn more about this wild bird species.
House Finch Profile
House Finches bright red chests and friendly behavior make them a backyard favorite. Learn more about this species.
House Wren Profile
The House Wren does not have any special colors or markings to make it stand out, but it does have a lot of energy and some interesting behaviors that make it fun to watch.
Hummingbird Profile
Hummingbirds are the world's smallest birds, averaging 3-1/2" from head to tail. Learn more about these beautiful wild birds.
Red-breasted Nuthatch Profile
If you've ever seen a Red-breasted Nuthatch in action, you'll agree they are very energetic. Learn more about this species.
Steller's Jay Profile
This beautiful jay is a larger cousin of the Blue Jay that lives in the western part of the United States. Learn more about this species.

Backyard Kids: Most Searched
About the Contour Feather
Bird Anatomy 101
Winter Tips for Creative Bird Feeding
Backyard Kids: New Article
Make a String Birdfeeder
Which Bird Doesn't Belong?
House Finch
In-depth look at the
House Finch
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