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Bird Feeder Buyer's Guide by Species
You'll have the best luck at attracting your favorite native birds when you feed them their preferred foods in a feeder that accommodates their feeding style
Summer Feeding: Seed Mix Guide
Spring and summer wild bird feeding is just as important as winter feeding. Discover their unique energy needs in spring and summer.

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Attract Birds with Baths & Shelters
Attract wild birds with a clean water source, natural fruit-bearing shrubs and adequate shelter in your yard.
Attract Birds with the Right Feeders
Whether the species of birds you desire are native to your area, or migrating through, you can increase your chances of attracting them for a short or extended stay by providing the right feed, in the right feeder, installed in the right place.
Attract More Hummingbirds, How to
As nectar feeders with extremely high metabolisms, hummingbirds are in constant search of the right type of flowers and small insects to provide the energy they need.
Attract Orioles & Hummingbirds: Top 10 Tips
When hummingbirds and orioles leave their winter territories and return to their breeding grounds, here are ten great ways to attract them to your feeders.
Attract Seasonal Wild Birds
Attract seasonal wild birds like hummingbirds, bluebirds, and purple martins with the right housing, feeders, and diet.
Attracting Wild Birds: Expert Tips
Here are a few helpful tips you can use to maximize wild bird visits and get the most out of your backyard birding experience
Bird Feeders: Why Hang More Than One?
When it comes to feeders, one size does not fit all. Find out what kind of birds visit various feeders.
Bird Seed Mixes: About Our Brand
The amount and variety of birds at your feeder is greatly dependent upon the food you place inside your feeders.
Birdbaths Overview
A birdbath located in your yard not only allows wild birds to have fresh drinking water - birdbaths provide a safe place for wild birds to bathe.
Birdscaping to Attract birds
Learn unique ways to deliver the big three: food, shelter, and water - and also transform your yard into a bird haven
Bluebirds, How to Attract
If you live near bluebirds, and wish to have them nest in your yard, there are some things you should know about their food and housing needs
Enhance Your Backyard Garden Pond with Butterflies
Butterfly watching, for many, is a favorite outdoor pleasure, ranked right alongside watching birds and identifying wildflowers. Learn how to enhance your backyard garden or pond with butterflies.
Fall Backyard Cleanup Tips
Before working on fall chores around your yard, consider the needs of your wild neighbors. By slightly altering your autumn routine, you can create a backyard haven rich with natural food and shelter.
Feed Hummingbirds During Migration
Bring hummingbirds near with nectar feeders, which can give them the energy they need whether they are migrating or nesting.
Hummingbirds: 5 Ways to Attract More
Acquaint yourself with a hummingbird's character and habits and you're sure to be more successful at attracting them!
Hummingbirds: Invite with Hanging Flower Baskets
No matter how much we prepare for hummingbirds, they may not visit our yard. In addition to feeders, try hanging baskets full of nectar-rich flowers. Use these helpful tips!
Migrating Birds, How to Attract
The weeks between late August and mid October are your ideal window for catching a last-chance glimpse of migratory birds. Here's how to make the most of them.
Photographing Wild Birds: Tips
Take inventory of the beautiful spaces in your backyard and set out feeders and water. Birds will often perch before they feed. So these perching spots are a great place to catch a photo.
Wild Bird Houses: Placement Tips
You can help protect and preserve your wild bird visitors by setting out artificial nesting boxes or wild bird houses. Learn more about different wild bird species needs.
Winter Feeding Tips: What to Offer
Feeding wild birds in the fall and winter offers your non-migrating backyard birds cold weather sustenance when fresh food is less abundant. Learn what to feed different species of bird.
Winter Wild Birds, How to Attract
There are many ways you can attract and watch wild birds, without trudging out into the harsh, blustery weather. Learn More!

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Bluebirds, How to Attract
Hummingbirds: 5 Ways to Attract More
Attract Orioles & Hummingbirds: Top 10 Tips
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Feed Hummingbirds During Migration
Attract Orioles & Hummingbirds: Top 10 Tips

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