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Spring Cleaning Secrets to a Successful Pond Season
Prepare your pond for summer with a spring pond cleaning. Discover how pond vacuums can help ease spring cleanup and improve pond water quality and fish health throughout the coming pond season.
Winter Pond FAQs
Your pond still has a lot going on under the ice of winter. These FAQs discuss general questions that pond keepers have about proper winter care.

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Compare Pond De-Icers
Having an area free of ice is crucial for koi ponds or ponds with fish to allow proper gas exchange. Without an opening in the ice the supply of dissolved oxygen is depleted. Use our de-icer comparison chart to chose the right de-icer for your pond.
Fall Pond Maintenance Guide
For many of us, the summer water gardening season is fleeting and the changing leaves mark the approach of winter. Prepare and condition your water garden for the coming winter. Learn how in this article.

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Cold Weather Pond Care
Frigid temperatures make it more difficult for you to keep an area of your pond open, but the health and survival of your pond fish depend on it. This article explains how.
Fall & Winter Feeding Tips
How you feed your fish in the fall and winter can have a large impact on their health through the winter to the spring. This article explains how.
Fall Pond Care
As days shorten near fall, the water temperature in your pond will start to cool. Follow these four steps to transition your pond from late summer through fall and then to winter.
Fall Pond Fish Care
Proper pond care in autumn helps prepare and condition your pond for the coming winter. Learn how to make over-wintering ornamental fish ponds a worry-free process.
Keeping Koi in Your Pond During the Cold Months
Four ways to keep your koi healthy inside your pond even in winter months
Optimize Pond Filter Performance
Pond owners quickly realize that removing leaves can become a tedious and seemingly unending task. The best way to maximize leaf-removing efforts is to prevent leaves from falling into your pond in the first place. Learn how pond skimmers help.
Pond Winterizing To-Do Suggestions
As winter approaches, you will want to make sure your pond system is clean and operating at 100% efficiency. You will also want to make sure that the water quality is as good as it can be. Use this article to learn how.
Winter Pond Preparations
The key to an interesting winter pondscape is texture and structure. When removing dead or decaying plant material during fall, leave several untrimmed marginal plants to add winter interest. This article offers more tips to provide winter interest.
Winterize Your Koi Pond, How to
A renewed focus on water quality is needed during fall to help ensure over-wintering success. A concerted effort must be made during fall to reduce the decline of water quality during winter. Learn what to do and not to do in this article.
Winterizing in Fall
Getting your pond ready for winter really begins in the fall. Water temperature, rather than air temperature, is the important indicator of when it's best to make changes to your pond. Use our Winter Survival Guide to get prepared for the season.

Preparing Your Pond for Fall and Winter

Cold Weather Pond Care
Fall & Winter Feeding Tips
Winter Pond FAQs

Spring Cleaning Secrets to a Successful Pond Season
Keeping Koi in Your Pond During the Cold Months

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