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Building a Pond: Step-by-Step Guide
Building a pond does not have to be an impossible dream. Nor does it require a pond-building specialist. Careful planning before installation lessens the work as well as the cost. This guide shows you how.
Compact Water Features Overview
A water feature does not have to be large or complicated. A small, well-thought out water feature imparts the same calming benefits as larger ones. The following is a brief overview of compact water features that you may want to considered.
Overview: Pond Components
Everything you do as a pond keeper should be designed to optimize this interdependent relationship of plants, fish, and micro-organisms. Here's a brief overview of how each component in a typical pond system contributes to its overall health.
Overview: Water Garden Lighting Guide
The sun-dappled backyard pond is a thing of beauty. Green plants. Colorful flowers. Graceful swimming fish. But why should you enjoy your pond only during daylight hours? Use our water garden lighting guide to find the perfect lighting for your pond.
Pond Fountain Selection Guide
The right fountain display can add a beautiful focal point while providing added benefits for your pond. Use this fountain comparison to chose the fountain or fountains that are right for your pond or water garden.
Pond Styles Overview
A dramatic water element can be as subtle as an ornamental water fountain, pond or a waterfall that curtains over a retaining wall and disappears into a shallow pool below. This article details three popular water features from subtle to sublime.

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"Green" Ideas for Ponds and Water Gardens
When planning an eco-friendly pond consider native plants, avoid chemicals, water conservation, use energy efficient or solar powered products, and increase pond filtration through dense planting.
Adding a Pond Waterfall
Are you considering a waterfall or stream in your backyard, but don't know where to start? Creating a plan and having the right equipment goes a long way toward saving you time and money. These tips will help you get started.
Be Inspired ... Pond Tours
Water gardens and water features are not only restful retreats but also dynamic and creative expressions of their owners. Each water garden is a unique and personal achievement that serves as a source of inspiration for others.
Beyond Koi: Adding Life to Your Pond
Interested in stocking your pond but not ready to commit to koi? There are a variety of eye-catching species that don't demand the large water volume, filtration rate, or care level required by koi.
Choose pond liners thoughtfully
Pond success begins with the foundation, and an important consideration is the pond liner. Learn what pond liners do and why a quality pond liner is essential.
Create a Harmonious Backyard Garden
From city apartment to sprawling country home, there are ways to blend the beauty of nature with the works of man to create tranquil outdoor spaces that take you away from it all. Learn how to create a harmonious backyard garden.
DIY Weekend Pond Makeovers
Whether you're dreaming of animating your landscape with a waterfall, adding underwater lighting for drama after dark, or anchoring your sanctuary with a sculptural centerpiece, here are three easy ideas to give your pond a remarkable makeover.
Energy Efficient Pond Products
Energy efficient pond products are one of the easiest ways embrace eco-friendly practices. There are many products that are energy efficient. Become an energy-wise pond keeper with the following simple tips.
Enhance Pond Filtration with a Bog Filter
Imagine a pond filtration system that helps maintain water quality and produces beautiful blooms. Learn more about this fascinating aspect of water gardening and find out how you can incorporate a bog filter to your existing water feature.
Enjoy Your Pond, How to
Now is the perfect time to take full advantage of your pond or water garden. Treat yourself to some accents that allow you and your guests to enjoy your water feature more. Learn how to get the most out of your water garden.
Fall Pond Building Tips
The popularity of backyard ponds continues to grow at a vigorous pace. With the availability of better equipment, and the advent of complete pond kits, construction has never been easier. Learn how to plan and design your pond this fall.
How to Build a Backyard Wildlife Habitat
"Bringing nature to your own backyard" means more than filling a pond with water and adding plants and fish. It means bringing nature's methods of balancing a wetland ecosystem into your backyard as well. Learn how to learn from nature.
How to Create an Eco-Friendly Water Garden
Want to save money when designing and maintaining your pond or water garden? Learn how to reduce monthly utilities by becoming wattage-wise & solar-savvy with solar pond fountains, pumps, and lighting.
Planning and Budgeting Your Pond
To help ensure long-term success, you'll need to determine how much space you have for a pond, how large you want your pond to be, what kind of pond you want, and how much you can afford to spend. Learn how to plan and budget for your new pond.
Pond Keeping with the Environment in Mind
There are many simple ways you can maintain your pond and backyard living space in an environmentally friendly manner. Learn more.
Pond Netting Seasonal Selection Guide
Your pond netting needs change with the season. Learn which netting type works best during the different seasons.
Pond Water Fountains 101
From the soothing and relaxing sounds they create to the way they gently rain back down, water fountains provide a feast for the senses. Learn the ways a fountain can improve your pond.
Pondless Waterfalls: Re-think Waterfall Features
If you think waterfall features are difficult to install and maintain, then think again. Pondless waterfalls let you enjoy the beauty of a pond and the convenience of a water fountain. Learn more.
Simple Guide to Effective Pond Predator Control
Don’t let pond predators undue all your hard work. Protect your pond investment. Learn how to maximize effective pond predator control with a multisensory approach.
Simple Guide to Pond & Water Feature Selection
Want to add a water feature in less than a week and save money while you're at it? Consider a kit. You will discover there's a kit now for almost any size water feature you can imagine.
Spring Into Action
Spring into action and be ready to make your outside spectacular with a pond.
Tips For Small Scale Success
Small fish ponds, less than 1,000 gallons present a challenge. For small fish pond success, pay special attention to water quality, stocking level, and oxygen levels.
What Predators Lurk Around Your Pond
Three effective types of predator control can save your pond fish.

Constructing a Pond: 11 Things to Consider
Digging a Pond and Installing a Liner
Waterfalls for Ponds: An Introduction to Planning

Building a Pond: Step-by-Step Guide
Planning and Budgeting Your Pond
Adding a Pond Waterfall

Pond Netting Seasonal Selection Guide
Simple Guide to Effective Pond Predator Control

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