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Compare Pond Pumps
Whether you want to intall a water fountain or power your pond filtration system, our handy pond pump comparison chart will help you find the right pump.
Compare Pond UV Clarifiers
Incorporating a UV sterilizer as an invaluable tool in an algae control regimen is a great way to combat pond algae. Use this comparison chart to help you find the right sterilizer for your pond.
Drs. Overview: Filtration
Deciding what type of filtration your new or existing pond needs can be hard. Here's a quick overview of the most common filtration types available, and how they help improve the quality of the water in your pond.
Pond Filtration Overview
A healthy pond is a microcosm of a balanced ecosystem, and one of the most important pieces of equipment that can establish a healthy pond and keep it that way is a proper pond filter.
Which Pressure Filter is Right for Your Pond?
Pressure filters are ideal stand-alone filters for small to medium koi/fish ponds. They also serve as great auxiliary filtration for larger ponds. Not sure which pressure filter is for you? Explore the following chart for some helpful.insights.

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Chemical Filtration, the Importance of
Water gardens obey the same environmental process that affect natural bodies of water where organic materials accumulate. Learn how chemical filter media absorb organic pollutants & trap these materials to maintain a low level of nutrients in ponds.
Choosing the Proper Pond Pump
Pumps run 24 hours a day and are the chief piece of equipment responsible for keeping your pond healthy. Selecting the correct pump is essential for a healthy pond. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect pump.
Enhance Pond Filtration with a Bog Filter
Imagine a pond filtration system that helps maintain water quality and produces beautiful blooms. Learn more about this fascinating aspect of water gardening and find out how you can incorporate a bog filter to your existing water feature.
Enhance Pond Water Quality with UV Clarifiers
In addition to mechanical, chemical and biological filtration, pond keepers experiencing persistent outbreaks of murky green pond water may benefit from the addition of ultraviolet (UV) clarifiers.
How to Improve Pond Biological Filtration
Effective biological filtration occurs when certain conditions are provided for the beneficial bacteria. Learn simple ways to improve your ponds biological filtration.
How to Select Your Pond Water Pump
Proper pond pump selection is the key to a healthy pond environment. The right pump can also help you save on operational expenses and time spent on maintenance.
Introduction to Pond Waterfall Filters
What are waterfall filters and what do they do? Learn about pond waterfall filters from basic application and installation to new and creative uses.
Introduction to Skimmer Filters
What are skimmer filters and what do they do? Discover how pond skimmer filters work to keep your pond or water garden looking its best.
Pond Filtration Systems Explained
Every water garden, whether plants only or stocked, benefits by some form of water circulation system to stay clean, healthy, and algae free. Learn how to choose the right pump for your pond.
Pond Pre-Filters Keep Pumps Clog Free
Your pump is a considerable investment that needs protection. Pre-filters are an inexpensive way to keep pumps clog-free and working efficiently.

Pond Filtration
Pre-filters for Ponds

Pond Filtration Systems Explained
How to Improve Pond Biological Filtration
Compare Pond UV Clarifiers

Enhance Pond Water Quality with UV Clarifiers
Introduction to Skimmer Filters

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