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Bird Cage Buyer's Guide: Features, Styles, and Sizes
Looking for the perfect bird cage? With so many bird cages and aviaries to choose from, key factors and features should be considered in order to get the most for your money and the best possible bird cage for your bird.
Bird Cage Selection Guide
The most important item needed before your feathered friend is brought home is a cage. Remember, even birds that come out of the cage to socialize spend a large part of the day in their cage.
Cage Size Guide
Remember, bigger is always better when selecting a cage – as long as bar spacing is narrow enough to prevent injury and/or escape. For example, if you believe your Conure is not quite "large", but bigger than "medium", select the more spacious cage.

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Bird Benefits: Multiple Cages, Multiple Uses
Birds and bird owners alike can benefit by employing multiple cages in their homes. When considering your bird's travel, isolation, privacy, and room-to-room needs, it can be very advantageous to complement your main cage with alternate-use cages.
Bird Cage Cleaning Tips
Armed with a variety of products that effectively minimize messes and simplify tough clean-up jobs, you can help to ensure a tidy, healthy cage for your bird. Learn more >
Bird Cage Dos and Don'ts
Want to buy a birdcage, but not sure how to decide? Follow our list of housing tips to select the proper cage for your pet bird.
Bird Cages, How to Choose
Your bird's cage should be large enough for her to sit comfortably and move freely within it and spread her wings. The cage bars should be appropriately sized to prevent escape or injury.
Cage Selection: Questions About Bird Cages & Aviaries
Bird cage selection should be based on the size of your bird, how active he or she is, and whether or not you allow your bird to play outside the cage.
Create an Ideal Cage Environment for Your Bird
Keep your bird's cage clean, well maintained, well stocked, and homey. A cozy, spick and span cage is a big way you can give back to her for all that she does for you. Create an ideal home environment – and shave minutes from daily maintenance.
Flight Cages Give Your Bird Room To Fly
Flight requires pet birds to use a complex series of thoughts and actions; it is a great teacher. So, keep your smaller bird cage – it has its place, but do consider adding a flight cage if space and budget permit.
Flight Cages Soar in Popularity
A flight cage is a unique, beautiful and distinctive focal point in any home or office. Owners derive great enjoyment from watching their birds in flight. And, at the same time, their birds enjoy many health-related benefits.
How to Accessorize Your Bird's Cage
for good health & great fun

Several furnishings are needed for the cage. These include perches, dishes, grooming supplies, nest box, cage cover, and toys. Ensure that when accessories are in the cage that the bird still has plenty of room to fly and move around.
How to Make Your Bird's Cage a Comforting Home
The right accessories truly make your bird's cage a comforting home and help ensure you have the basics for taking proper care of your feathered companion.
Multiple Cages... Singular Success
Variety, and an occasional change of scenery, is the spice of your bird's life. You can help ensure he receives that variety by placing different types of cages throughout your home.
Nesting Materials Essential in Breeding Season
Bird nests should provide comfort and warmth for baby birds to successfully hatch. Female birds instinctively search for natural nesting materials that they usually find in the wild such as various reeds, twigs, leaves, and grasses.
Our Favorite Aviaries
With the seemingly never-ending supply of birdcages to choose from, along with the high prices, selecting a cage can be a difficult and dreaded task.
Small Bird Housing: Avoid Tiny Cages
Just because small birds take up little space, they still need generous housing and ample accessories. Here's why
Stainless Steel Bird Cages Gain Popularity
Stainless steel far outweigh the initial investment. There is no coating to chip, they withstand even the roughest behavior, and they won’t rust from repeated washes. Stainless steel cages endure beautifully for years.
Tips for a Stress-Free Avian Environment for Birds
If your bird is under constant stress, it may lead to fatigue, illness, weight loss, a weakened immune system, deteriorated plumage, or more. Protect your precious pet from the negative effects of stress.
Top 5 Reasons to Select Your Bird Cage From Us
A bird cage is the most important purchase you'll make once you decide to become a bird owner. Here's our Top 5 reasons to purchase bird cages from our avian experts at Drs. Foster & Smith:
Understanding Your Bird's Body Language
Birds sometimes say the most when they don't say anything at all. Though a few species of our feathered friends can use human speech, every member of the avian community expresses himself through his body language.
Which Cage Style is Right for Your Bird?
Select the best cage that's right for your bird. Consider these important characteristics and requirements for a healthy habitat for your bird.
Why choose a bird cage from Drs. Foster and Smith
Discover the reasons why Drs. Foster and Smith can simplify and give you peace of mind in your cage selection.

Airline Travel with Your Bird
Bird Cages, Perches, Dishes & Other Cage Accessories
Cleaning Your Bird's Cage
Cost of Owning a Bird
Household Hazards for Birds: Bird Proofing Your Home
Congo African Grey
Cage Size Guide
How to Accessorize Your Bird's Cage
for good health & great fun

Bird Cages, How to Choose
Yellow Naped-Amazon
How to Make Your Bird's Cage a Comforting Home
Which Cage Style is Right for Your Bird?

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