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FAQs: Water Pumps

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Air Pump Selection Guide
Air pumps have many different uses. Once you decide what you need an air pump for, selecting the right pump for your application is easy. This article discusses the different types and uses of air pumps.
Aquarium Water Pumps Selection Guide
When choosing a water pump type and size, there are several factors to include in your decision. Filtration type, desired flow rate, plumbing and head height, and adding additional devices all come into play. This article helps clear the confusion.
Compare Water Pumps
Your primary objective is to maintain a healthy thriving aquatic environment for your underwater plants and animals. To achieve this goal, one of the most critical decisions you'll make is choosing the right pump. Compare pumps here.

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Aeration: The Importance of Proper Aeration
Some hobbyists often consider air pumps as optional or nonessential aquarium equipment. However, air pumps play a fundamental role in the health and welfare of aquarium inhabitants. This article discusses how.
Aquarium Aeration, the importance of
If you wait until the fish in your aquarium are gasping for oxygen at the surface, or hanging out near filter returns, it may be too late to avoid serious stress, or worse. You need to make sure there is a plentiful supply of oxygen at all times.
Aquarium Plumbing Terms & Tips
Although the different types of plumbing can be confusing, creating a custom system can be easy once you understand what each part does. This article explains the most common plumbing terms.
How Water Movement Contributes to Aquarium Fish Health
Proper water movement plays an important role in aquarium fish health management. Improving aquarium water movement is a simple way to improve the health of your aquarium inhabitants.
Hydor Koralia Water Circulation Pump
Moving water plays an important role in creating a healthy aquarium environment. The submersible Hydor Koralia propeller pump offers expanded water circulation options. Read more here.
Importance of Water Movement in Aquariums
Water current is essential to nourish and feed your aquarium's inhabitants, as well as clean and regulate your aquarium's water. In addition, poor water movement hinders biological filtration, which in turn, raises toxins to dangerous levels.
Improve Water Movement, How To
A crucial - and often overlooked - aspect of keeping a reef aquarium is water movement. Proper water movement goes a long way toward helping a reef system thrive. Corals and other reef inhabitants are accustomed to rapid, constant water movement.
Increase Aeration for Healthy Aquariums
Bubbles beautify your aquarium display, improve water quality, and make your aquarium more hospitable for inhabitants. With an air pump, airline tubing, an air check valve, and a touch of creativity, you can easily create a cascade of bubbles.
Perform Routine Aquarium Pump Maintenance
When was the last time you cleaned your aquarium pump? Keep your water pump clean for proper function and extended performance. Follow these simple steps.
Pumps: Choosing Flow Rate
A proper flow rate is essential for your aquarium's filter to work its best. This means that your aquarium will stay cleaner longer, providing a healthier environment for your inhabitants.
The Importance of Oxygen
Despite its importance, many aquarists take oxygen for granted. Understand the relationship between oxygen and aquaria to avoid many aquarium health and water quality problems.
Water Movement: Laminar Flow, Turbulence & Surge
Water movement (current) is crucial to the enduring health of your aquarium. Currents help feed and nourish inhabitants, wash away waste products and sediment that promote damaging algae growth, and help fish burn off excess fat found in food.
Wavemakers: Beneficial for Corals
An important component of a natural environment is water movement. Corals and invertebrates need irregular currents for both feeding and waste removal. Wavemakers have been developed to meet this need by imitating ocean currents in the aquarium.


FAQs: Water Pumps
Pumps: Choosing Flow Rate
Increase Aeration for Healthy Aquariums

Perform Routine Aquarium Pump Maintenance
The Importance of Oxygen

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