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Aquarium Essentials Overview
Would you like to have an aquarium but don't know what you need to get started? Simplify equipment selection with the following guide.
Selection Guide: Desktop Aquariums
Studies conducted in recent years confirm what most of us know: a comfortable, stimulating, and pleasing working environment can significantly improve employee productivity, creativity, and overall job satisfaction. Adding an aquarium can help.
Stands & Canopies Selection Guide
Aquarium stands are an integral part of the aquarium system. The canopy serves many purposes other than just covering the aquarium. It is designed to cut down on evaporation and keep aquatic life from escaping the aquarium.

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3 Types of Saltwater Aquariums
There are different types of saltwater setups, some are easier to maintain while others require more effort. Discover the difference between Fish-only, FOWLR, & Reef Aquariums.
A Closer Look at a Mixed African Cichlid Aquarium
To best fulfill the needs of these beautiful, intelligent, and territorial fish, we designed the caves and nooks to create a healthy, secure African lake biotope.
A New Look at Cycling
Dr. Tim's One and Only is available for freshwater and for saltwater aquariums and is designed for one job - to quickly establish a biofilter in your newly set up aquarium so that your fish do not experience New Tank Syndrome (NTS).
Advanced Aquarium Monitoring and Control
Make aquarium-keeping easier than ever with high tech aquarium devices that automate more devices and functions. Explore which advanced aquarium monitoring and control devices integrate best with your aquarium lifestyle.
Ammonia in the Nitrogen Cycle
Ammonia, perhaps the most notorious toxin, is introduced into your aquarium through fish waste, respiration, and other biological processes. It is extremely toxic and fish will show signs of stress, such as erratic swimming behavior.
Aquarium Basics
Bringing an aquarium into your home or office is a great way to add vibrant color and life to your interior, as well as learn more about part of the natural world often hidden from our everyday lives.
Aquarium Hobby on a Budget
Being on a budget does not mean having to skimp on quality. Discover how you can cut costs without compromising the health of your aquarium inhabitants.
Aquarium Kits - Perfect for Beginners
Aquarium kits are a great way to get into the hobby, and can be a convenient, cost effective way of getting what you need.
Aquarium Stands and Canopies
A well-maintained aquarium is like a piece of art. While it possesses intrinsic beauty, aquariums are highlighted best when properly displayed. The new generation of aquarium stands and canopies are designed to offer aesthetic and practical benefits.
Aquarium Stands, An Introduction
Learn how to choose the aquarium stand that best serves your needs. Find out if a metal or wood aquarium stand is right for you.
Aquariums as a Teaching Tool
But did you know aquariums are an excellent hands-on teaching tool in the classroom or at home? Caring for the aquarium kindles a sense of responsibility, achievement, and a genuine desire to learn. Learn how aquariums nuture this desire.
Aquariums as Part of Your Lifestyle
The aquarium hobby incorporates well into today's hectic lifestyle and provides many benefits. Discover why so many people find having an aquarium (or many) a meaningful and worthwhile endeavor.
Aquascaping Essentials Overview
Aquascaping (aquatic landscaping) is a fantastic way to create your own one-of-a-kind aquarium. Aquascaping also plays an integral role in providing aquarium inhabitants with an environment where they can seek shelter, breed, or rear their young.
Benefits of Acrylic Aquariums
Versatile and strong, acrylic aquariums are the optimal investment for aquarists looking to gain an edge in the hobby.
Brackish Niche Aquariums
Half freshwater, half marine, brackish aquariums are home to some of the more stunning and unique fish in the hobby. A Brackish aquarium can be exotic and beautiful. Don't be afraid to wade into the unique waters of this special hobby.
Coralline Algae - Friend or Foe?
Called coralline algae, these algae share similar characteristics as nuisance algae. Do you need to worry that your aquarium water quality is off or that you need to do something to get rid of this purple blanket?
Employ the Drip Method to Reduce Aquarium Acclimation Stress
Acclimation is the gradual process of conditioning new aquarium arrivals. Discover how the Drip Method of aquarium acclimation can greatly minimize stress on delicate or sensitive new arrivals.
Enjoy a Beautiful Aquarium While Keeping Expenses to a Minimum
Setting up a new aquarium or ready for another? These great cost-saving tips offer sensible solutions to aquarium hobbyists.
Exciting New Aquariums for Hobbyists
Manufacturers are updating aquariums, offering creative and interesting options for hobbyists. If you are looking for something special, or if your décor calls for something unusual, consider these exciting new aquariums.
Expert Aquarium Placement Tips
Successful aquariums depend greatly on research and preparation. Before you install your new aquarium, consider aquarium placement and size to avoid laborious and costly mistakes.
Fish-Only-With-Live-Rock (FOWLR) Aquariums
A fish only with live rock (FOWLR) aquarium is a great way to enjoy some of the most colorful and fascinating marine species. These beautiful but often aggressive fish would create havoc in a confined reef system with invertebrates and live corals.
Freshwater Aquariums: How to set up
Adding an aquarium to your home is the perfect way to bring beautiful color and life to your surroundings. Observing and interacting with your aquatic life can help lower your blood pressure and reduce the stress of everyday life.
Freshwater Fantasy Reef Aquarium for Kids:
Freshwater Fantasy Reef Aquarium for Kids: Finding Dory-inspired fun for the whole family!
Glossary of Aquarium Terms
The aquarium world can be a confusing place if you don't understand what is being said. Aquarists have their own language and knowing the lingo will make it easier for you to navigate through reading materials.
Guide to Quality Synthetic Sea Salt Mixes
Discover simple tips to properly select, prepare, and best utilize synthetic sea salts to ensure saltwater aquarium success.
High Tech Trends
Advances in technology are often assimilated and quickly incorporated into the aquarium hobby. This allows aquarists to take the hobby into a new and interesting frontier that was once impossible without the aid of these devices.
How to Renew a Neglected Aquarium
Follow along as our expert staff transforms a sorely neglected aquarium into a healthy environment. We hope you learn something new about the aquarium hobby and enjoy the entire experience.
How to Set Up a Proper Goldfish Aquarium
Goldfish are commonly kept in very small containers without filtration or heaters. Goldfish develop at a rapid rate and quickly outgrow these containers. Goldfish require lots of room and a 29-gallon aquarium is about right for one adult goldfish.
How to Showcase Your Aquarium Fish
Planning a visually striking aquarium begins with an eye for creativity and succeeds with a mind for nature. By following a few stocking principles, it's easy to create a showcase aquarium that thrives as a natural aquascape.
Ideas for Exceptional Aquarium Setups
You want an aquarium, but not the typical run-of-the-mill setup. Not to worry, there are numerous options sure to renew and refresh your interest in the aquarium hobby. Discover different approaches to aquarium setup.
Moving Your Aquarium, how to
Moving your aquarium can be an arduous task, but with a little planning, the correct handling, and the proper supplies, your fish should make it to their new home with minimal upset.
New Arrival Acclimation Guide:
Creating Ideal Conditions for New Aquarium Arrivals

You've invested valuable time and money researching the habitat requirements of the fish and corals you wish to house. Naturally, you want to protect this investment by executing a proper acclimation process once the specimens arrive at your door.
New Fish, How to Introduce
Building and maintaining a successful aquarium depends largely on knowing and following best-of-practice procedures based on the collected experience of experts and enthusiasts.
New to the Aquarium Hobby? 12 Considerations
Aquariums are a wonderful hobby, providing hours of restful, beautiful entertainment. They can be a great way for children to learn about ecosystems, and they can help to relieve the stress of everyday life.
Nurture Your Family with Home Aquariums
Today's fish keepers are comprised of diverse groups including both male and female hobbyists of varying age groups and backgrounds. Get involved in this fantastic hobby and discover how aquariums can enrich your family!
Placing and Showcasing Your Aquarium
Proper aquarium placement may not be as exciting as picking out new fish but it is essential for aquarium success. Before you set up your new aquarium, determine the best place for your aquarium to avoid laborious and costly mistakes.
Planted Aquariums: how to set up
Re-create a unique and natural aquatic ecosystem indoors by adding a planted aquarium to your home. Planted, aquariums contain live underwater plants (and fish, if you'd like), which closely replicate the beautiful, relaxing environment.
Popular Freshwater Fish for Beginners
The number of choices of fish can be overwhelming. This guide profiles a few of the most popular and hardy freshwater fish which experience has shown to be easiest for the beginning fish hobbyist.
Responsibilities of a Saltwater Aquarium Owner
The beauty and intrigue of saltwater fish draws many people into the hobby. But not all individuals are fully aware of what it takes to keep fragile saltwater specimens happy and healthy.
Saltwater Aquarium Basics
Saltwater aquariums make a great hobby for the whole family. Thanks to recent innovation and increased knowledge about the care of captive marine fish and invertebrates, keeping a saltwater aquarium is easier than ever.
Saltwater Mixing Containers, How to Create
Create the perfect saltwater mixing container to have available for emergency water replacements as well as your regular water changes. We explain how.
Simple Tips for Choosing the Right Aquarium Stand
Aquarium stands combine function and décor. They provide elevated support and valuable storage for aquarium accessories and equipment. The following tips will help you determine the best location for your setup and prevent having to move it later.
Step by Step Reef Aquarium
Follow the five easy steps taken by novice aquarists in our catalog department over a time period of just 12 weeks and you can enjoy the colorful beauty of a reef aquarium in your home for years to come.
Substrate: How Much Do You Need?
Determining how much substrate to buy for your new aquarium depends on the size and shape of your tank, as well as the depth of the substrate bed you wish to achieve. Another factor is the type of aquascaping structure you're planning.
Thinking about a Saltwater Aquarium?
The basic principles of maintaining a marine aquarium are essentially identical to freshwater aquariums. They both require patience and a general understanding of the environmental conditions needed to successfully support life.
Top 10 Tips for Aquarium Success
Aquarium keeping is a fun and exciting hobby. However even the most dedicated and enthusiastic hobbyist can encounter common pitfalls. Spend more time enjoying your aquarium by avoiding the following common pitfalls.
Upgrading Your Starter Aquarium
Aquarium keeping is a rewarding and popular hobby that's growing by leaps and bounds among many different age groups, particularly among younger children. If your child currently has just a basic desktop aquarium, it may be time to upgrade.
Vacation at Home with an Aquarium
Did you know you could create a fun, enriching hobby that your entire family can enjoy for years to come by investing in an aquarium? Create a vacation destination without ever leaving your home!
Water Changes: The Key to Saltwater Aquarium Success
Many people think it's hard to keep a marine aquarium. At one time, this was true. Only a few decades ago, the average hobbyist was limited in the tools and education available. Those days have long gone thanks to new equipment and resources.


New to the Aquarium Hobby? 12 Considerations
Substrate: How Much Do You Need?
A Closer Look at a Mixed African Cichlid Aquarium

Freshwater Fantasy Reef Aquarium for Kids:
Advanced Aquarium Monitoring and Control

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