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Aquarium Cleaning Supplies Overview
Regular water changes are critical to maintaining a healthy underwater environment. In addition to replenishing trace elements absorbed by inhabitants or other biological processes, water changes reduce nitrate levels which are constantly increasing.
Dr Tim's Aquatics Quick Reference Guide
Need help selecting the best DrTim's Aquatics aquarium water conditioner? This handy guide identifies common aquarium problems and recommends the DrTim's Aquatics product that helps you achieve a healthy, thriving aquarium.

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Advanced Aquarium Monitoring and Control
Make aquarium-keeping easier than ever with high tech aquarium devices that automate more devices and functions. Explore which advanced aquarium monitoring and control devices integrate best with your aquarium lifestyle.
Aquarium Hobby on a Budget
Being on a budget does not mean having to skimp on quality. Discover how you can cut costs without compromising the health of your aquarium inhabitants.
Aquarium Maintenance Shortcuts
If you haven't already, perhaps it's time to update your aquarium maintenance arsenal. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you discover the benefits of these great products at your disposal.
Aquarium Maintenance Tips
Consistent, thorough maintenance is vital to the ongoing health of your aquarium and its inhabitants. The right supplies in your aquarium "toolbox" can streamline and simplify the process of cleaning your aquarium.
Aquarium Maintenance While You're Away
When you're gone for the weekend or on vacation, it doesn't hurt to ask a friend or neighbor to stop in and feed your fish. But sometimes we must leave for longer periods, if this happens, you need an aquarium caretaker familiar with aquarium basics.
Automate Basic Aquarium Functions
You have pampered your fish and plants, and now it's time for an extended business trip, or an opportunity to pamper yourself with a well-deserved vacation. But what about your aquarium? How can you leave for three days or longer and be sure.
Decoration Maintenance & Care
Artificial plants and aquarium décor instantly beautify your aquarium environment and help create an underwater world of wonder. Many choose artificial plants and décor for a variety of reasons, but the most desirable benefit is their ease of care.
Enjoy Healthy Saltwater Aquariums with Quality Synthetic Sea Salts
The quality of synthetic sea salt can play a big role in improving saltwater aquarium water quality. Learn how routine water changes with fresh saltwater prepared with Instant Ocean and Reef Crystals can offset the effects of declining water quality.
Handy checklist of Essential Aquarium Maintenance Tools
Maintenance tools specifically designed for aquarium use keep routine cleanings simple and on task. Use this handy checklist to determine if you have the right tools for a healthy, beautiful aquarium.
How to Clean Your Acrylic Aquarium Without Scratching
Always use aquarium products that are designed specifically for acrylic use to prevent scratches. DO NOT use gritty cloths, scouring pads, household cleaners, or abrasive compounds.
Importance of Water Changes in Aquariums
Maintaining clean, healthy water through routine water changes is the key to the well-being of aquarium inhabitants. Perform regular water changes in freshwater and saltwater aquariums for a clean and healthy aquatic environment.
Power Outage Emergency Kit
A power outage can quickly make your aquarium stagnant, toxic, and environmentally unstable . . . unless you have an emergency kit prepared! Here's what you'll need:
Product Highlight: Mag-Flip Aquarium Algae Cleaner
The Mag-Flip Aquarium Algae Cleaner is the solution for convenient algae removal. The 2-in-1 Mag-Flip eliminates the need to switch tools during aquarium maintenance.
Restore the Beauty of Gently Neglected Aquariums
Have you put off routine aquarium maintenance for too long? Discover convenient products that dramatically ease maintenance and restore the beauty of gently neglected aquariums.
Safeguard Your Aquarium from Power Outages
When the power goes out, many things happen silently and invisibly within your aquarium. You need to know what's happening and what steps you can take to minimize the stress on your fish.
Seasonal Aquarium Maintenance
Autumn is an ideal time to step up your focus on your aquarium. It's the time to look over your system top to bottom and catch up on routine maintenance you may have let slide in order to enjoy time outdoors over the summer.
Stop Nuisance Algae
If your once-beautiful aquascape is no longer visible due to a proliferation of algae, it’s time to take action.
Summer Maintenance Made Easy
Discover convenient ways you can keep up the regular maintenance and testing of your aquarium during the fun-filled summer months.
Top 10 Tips for Aquarium Success
Aquarium keeping is a fun and exciting hobby. However even the most dedicated and enthusiastic hobbyist can encounter common pitfalls. Spend more time enjoying your aquarium by avoiding the following common pitfalls.


How to Clean Your Acrylic Aquarium Without Scratching
Aquarium Maintenance Tips
Aquarium Cleaning Supplies Overview

Advanced Aquarium Monitoring and Control
Restore the Beauty of Gently Neglected Aquariums

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