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Dog Heartworm: Risky to Treat; Prevention is Key
Learn the risky treatment process your dog must go through if he gets a heartworm infection, and why it’s much safer to prevent this disease.

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Heartworm FAQs
Heartworm Preventive FAQs

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Dewormer Comparison Chart
Worming medications for dogs can be overwhelming, with this helpful comparison chart, you will learn which product will work best for your dog's condition, wormer ingredients, and their safety.
Heartworm Preventive Comparison Chart
Heartworm infection can be prevented with medications given monthly. This comparison chart describes popular heartworm products, their ingredients, and effectiveness.

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Heartworm Disease: Prevention is less risky than Treatment
Although heartworm is treatable, it may result in serious complications. No matter what it costs in dollars, the cost is even greater to the long-term health of your pet.
Heartworm Disease: Signs, Treatment, Prevention
Protect your dog or cat from heartworm disease, which is caused by being bitten by infected mosquitoes. Heartworm testing and regular preventive medications will protect your pet and prevent an infection with adverse effects.
Heartworm Disease: Transmission and Prevention
Is your dog safe from heartworm disease? Veterinary insight about heartworm disease is constantly evolving get the latest facts here.
Heartworm Facts
Do you know all there is to know about heartworm? We've compiled a list of the most important heartworm facts.
Heartworm Quiz
Are you a heartworm expert? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of these pesky parasites.
Heartworm Testing
An important part of a complete heartworm prevention program is testing. Testing ensures that your pet is free of adult heartworms, and ready to start or continue on heartworm preventive medication.
Heartworm: Devastating Facts
Heartworm disease is devastating. The good news is that this disease is preventable.
Mosquito Control
Is your pet protected against mosquitoes? Find out how to best protect your dog and cat from these disease transmitting insects.
Pharmacy Spotlight: Revolution
This once-a-month topical treatment is truly a revolutionary idea in parasite protection.
Pharmacy Spotlight: Sentinel® Heartworm Preventive for Dogs
Description of prescription medication Sentinel for dogs and a success story of one dog who has used the medication successfully.
The Dangers of Heartworm
Heartworm dangers include obstruction of the heart chambers and lungs, which causes the blood flow to back up causing liver damage or heart failure.

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Dog Deworming Guidelines

Heartworm in Dogs
Dewormer Comparison Chart
Dog Deworming Guidelines
Mosquito Control
Heartworm in Dogs
Dog Heartworm: Risky to Treat; Prevention is Key
Pharmacy Spotlight: Revolution

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