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Giving Supplements along with
Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Food FAQs
Skin & Coat Supplement FAQs

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Brewers Yeast Nutritional Guide
Brewers yeast for dogs is fortified with B vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutritional fatty acids, which are essential for healthy skin and coat.
Skin & Coat Care Overview
Read our Drs. Overview on skin and coat care products for dogs.

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3 Steps Toward a Healthy Coat
Studies have found that certain nutrients, found in quality pet foods, supplements, and multivitamins, can help with itching and chewing, hot spots, dull haircoat, or even chronic ear infections.
Benefits of Supplementing Your Dog's Diet
There are times in your dog's life when feeding a premium pet food is simply not enough and additional supplementation is called for.
Brewers Yeast Plus Vitamins
Provides Nutritional Support

Brewer's yeast is a natural by-product of the brewing of beers and ales that is principally grown on barley, although it is sometimes grown on molasses.
Chelated Minerals: Effect on Absorption
from the Digestive Tract

When reading the ingredient listing on various pet foods, you may see that some minerals are "chelated." The term 'chelate' is derived from the Greek word chele, or claw.
Common Dog Hair and Coat Problems
Winter skin and coat problems are common concerns of most dog owners. However, there are simple ways to help keep your dog's coat beautiful and skin healthy.
Dog Skin & Coat Support Ingredients
Learn about the role key ingredients like Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and biotin play in your pet’s skin and coat health.
How to Maintain Healthy, Normal Skin
Maintaining healthy, normal skin is critical for your dog's well-being. Listed below are two major factors that contribute to the condition of your dog's skin.
Lifestage Select® Multivitamins Guaranteed Analysis
The most complete canine multivitamins available. 31 essential nutrients available in every formula PLUS additional nutrients for puppies and seniors. All natural ingredients used whenever possible.
Lifestage Select® Multivitamins: For All Stages of a Dog's Life
Drs. Foster & Smith have formulated our dog vitamin supplements specifically for the needs of each life stage. Browse online today for all the different canine vitamins and dog vitamin supplement that we have to offer.
Nutritional Supplements for Active Dogs
Supplements provide your pet with additional vitamins and nutrients for that boost of energy needed to continue an active lifestyle. Nutritional food, a vitamin supplement, and a high-energy treat will ensure your pet remains energetic everyday.
The Benefits of Biotin
Biotin plays a large role in maintaining healthy skin and hair. Biotin also plays an important role in growth, digestion, muscle formation, and in enabling the body to use glucose as an energy source.
What are Antioxidants?
Nature supplies antioxidants to protect us from the destructive effects of free radicals caused by nuclear radiation, x-rays, ultra-violet rays from the sun, and exposure to pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides.
What Makes a Quality Vitamin?
Vitamins can improve your health and the quality of your pet's life. Vitamins are as important for our pets as they are for us.
Why Natural Sources in Multivitamins Matter
DID YOU KNOW that certain vitamin sources may be better than others? Researchers indicate that vitamins from natural sources, like berries, vegetables, and even fish oils, may offer extra benefits to your dog's body.

Essential Minerals
Fatty Acids for Allergies & Dry Skin in Dogs
Glucosamine & Chondroitin Treatments in Dogs
Mineral Supplementation in Dog Foods
Vitamin Supplements
Water Soluble Vitamins - Vitamin C & Vitamin B Complex in Dogs
Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements for Dogs
Common Dog Hair and Coat Problems
Skin & Coat Supplement FAQs
The Benefits of Biotin
Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements for Dogs
Dog Skin & Coat Support Ingredients
Benefits of Supplementing Your Dog's Diet

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