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Bathing FAQs
Shampoo & Conditioner FAQs

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Dog Brush Selection Guide
Choosing the right brush for your pet is an important first step for even the most basic home grooming.
Dog Shampoo Selection Guide
Veterinary dermatologists know that the correct shampoo and skin products are vital to the health of a dog's skin and coat.
Grooming Tools Comparison Chart
Dog grooming tools allow you to remove mats and tangles before and after a bath. This comparison chart will help you select which tools are best for your dog's coat.
Pet Clipper Buyer's Guide
Pet clippers are perfect for those finishing touches around the face, leg feathers, and feet, clippers are essential for long-haired dogs, and ideal for achieving a breed standard look on schnauzers and poodles.
Pet Trimmer Guide
Whether you want to do simple touch ups between trips to the groomer or wish to learn the whole process, start to finish, the first step is to research and purchase a quality clipper or trimmer.
Skin & Coat Care Overview
Read our Drs. Overview on skin and coat care products for dogs.

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3 Keys to a Show Quality Coat
These are just a few of the ways your dog will try to groom himself. Unfortunately for many dogs the "do-it-yourself" method simply isn't enough.
Clipper Blade Selection Guide
An introduction to clipper blades.
Common Dog Hair and Coat Problems
Winter skin and coat problems are common concerns of most dog owners. However, there are simple ways to help keep your dog's coat beautiful and skin healthy.
Dog Grooming Secrets
Whether you're an aspiring show handler or a dog lover who wants to bring out the best in your undiscovered champion, a regular grooming schedule will make your best friend shine.
Give Your Dog a Cool Summer Trim
Keep your dog cool and comfortable this summer starting with a well-groomed clipping.
Got the Bath Time Blues? 8 Tips to Improve Every Bath
Discover 8 easy ways to entice your dog to bathe and make bath time fun & relaxing.
Grooming: 5 Signs Your Dog Needs a Bath
Bathing frequency depends on a number of factors: the particular breed of dog, how much time is spent outdoors, the dog's age, and any existing medical conditions, to name a few.
Hot Spots
Hot spots, also known as acute moist dermatitis, are red, itchy, oozing skin infections that initially emerge as circular lesions, usually on the head, over the hip, and along the side of the chest.
How to Trim Your Dog's Nails
Your dog's nails should just touch the ground when he walks. If his nails are clicking on the floor or getting snagged in the carpet, his nail trimming session is way overdue.
Pet Conditioners: Function of Key Ingredients
Find out how the various ingredients in pet conditioners work and how they help promote a glossy, healthy coat.
Pet Grooming: Shampoo and Brush Your Dog at Home
With the right dog grooming supplies, you can save money on pet grooming by learning to shampoo and groom your dog at home.
Pet Nail Grooming and Hair Clipping
Pet Shampoos: How They're Formulated
Find out what makes a quality pet shampoo, and why you should use pet formulated shampoos instead of human shampoos.
Prepare to Give Your Dog a Bath
A bath is not just a shampoo and rinse. Make your dog the center of your attention and give him a total cleaning that will keep him healthy.
Stress Free Nail Care
Neatly trimmed nails are not only about comfort, but also reduce potential pet injuries and damage to your home.

Causes of Skin Lesions
Choosing a Groomer
Grooming Puppies: Special Tips
Licking Around the Tail
Odor a Problem? Tips on Controlling Odor from the Skin & Ears
Removing Skunk Odor
Removing Tar & Paint
Rolling in Smelly Things
Skin and Coat Disorders
Skin and Hair Anatomy and function
The Function of Ingredients Found in Dog Shampoos
Dog Grooming
Clipper Blade Selection Guide
Dog Brush Selection Guide
Hot Spots
Dog Grooming
How to Trim Your Dog's Nails
Pet Conditioners: Function of Key Ingredients

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