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"People Foods" to Share With Your Bird
Fruits and vegetables as part of cage bird diet boosts nutrition. Find out which fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator make excellent additions to the diet of your cage bird.
A Colorful Diet is a Healthy Diet
An appetizing Way to Feed Your Bird
Pellets or nuggets provide balanced nutrition in a baked, healthy blend of grains, seeds, veggies, fruits, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
Avian Obesity: Dietary Tips for Prevention
Keep your bird in tip-top condition, and he will be happier and healthier. This not only can prolong his lifespan, it can also improve your relationship with your bird.
Baby Steps: The Basics of Hand-feeding and Weaning
Breeding and raising birds is a challenging responsibility recommended only for those who are willing to invest the time, patience, research, experience, and equipment necessary for proper bird care.
Balanced Nutrition for Better Health
Ultimately, you are responsible for what your bird ingests. It is essential to offer your bird the balances he needs, and make sure you don't offer too much.
Balancing Your Bird's Diet
Learn how to balance your bird's nutrition by switching to a healthier, pelleted diet. For most birds, balance the daily diet to include 65-80% formulated (pelleted). Here's how!
Basic Bird Nutrition
A balanced diet is a necessity to allow the bird to live a full and healthy life. An unbalanced diet is the main cause of disease and early death in pet birds.
Bird Diets: Foods to Favor, Foods to Avoid
The wrong foods can shorten the life of your pet by causing intestinal disorders, allergies, feather and skin problems, and other diseases. Processed foods from your own table that contain high amounts of salt, sugar, or fat head up this list .
Bird Droppings Inspection: A Free Health Exam for Your Bird
Simple guide lets you evaluate your pet bird's health quickly and easily by looking at his droppings so you can take your bird to the veterinarian early before disease sets in.
Bird Food Nutrition Facts Explained
With all the available choices, how can you know you've selected the perfect bird food? Each of the bird foods we offer includes nutrition fact symbols that help you better understand your food selection. Learn more>
Bird Food: Create Your Own Healthy Food Recipe
Discover the real recipe for a well-balanced bird diet. Plus, learn how to create your own healthy bird food recipe.
Bird Nutrition: Avoid Pitfalls That Harm Your Bird
Poor nutrition is one of the leading causes of premature death in our birds. The last thing we would want to do is feed our bird in a way that leads to disease.
Bird Obesity Prevention Guide
Bird obesity resulting from overfeeding and lack of exercise is prevalent health problem. Consider these 10 easy ways to banish birdies bulge for leaner and much healthier pet bird.
Calcium is necessary for bird health
Calcium builds strong bodies in multiple ways. These guidelines help you help your bird get the calcium she needs.
Change up Your Bird's Diet for Optimum Health
Give your bird a variety of vitamin and mineral rich foods. A fully fortified pellet diet offered in conjunction with vegetables, fruits, cooking blends and treats will go a long way to a happy and healthy bird.
Different Birds, Different Diets
Pet birds are commonly florivores, meaning the main portion of their diet is obtained from plants.
Drs. Foster and Smith Premium Blends
Easy ways to store your bird's food to keep it fresh
Moths and mold are not only a nuisance in your bird's food, but not storing your food correctly not only robs your bird of correct nutrition, but can be dangerous.
Feather Quality and Skin Condition are Nutrition-Related
Feather loss and obvious skin damage are visual clues your bird may be suffering from poor nutrition and in need of a Vitamion A supplement or a diet rich in dark green or orange fruits and vegetables.
How to Switch Your Bird's Diet: Slow and Steady
Feeding your bird correctly is not difficult, but knowing when and how to switch from a not-so-healthy diet to one that has optimum nutrition takes some know-how.
Nutritional Choices for your Bird
The following comparison of common food choices should assist you in creating a palatable and nutritious diet.
Oven Fresh Bites
Oven Fresh Bites is the first line of baked bird food, all natural avian diets. Nutritionally balanced and oven baked to perfection with bits of fruit, veggies and nuts that our avian companions find irresistible.
Pelleted Bird Food, Advantages of
What is your bird eating? Pelleted avian foods offer more balanced nutrition than seed-only pet bird diets. Learn more >
Pelleted Bird Food, Why and how to switch
Learn more about pelleted foods and how to switch your bird's diet to this complete, easy-to-feed nutrition.
Please Pass the Pellets
Thanks to advances in nutritional knowledge and manufacturing processes, your bird can now enjoy crunchy, flavorful pellets, which also offer many advantages to seed-only diets.
Prevent Bird Health Problems With a Balanced Diet
Ongoing nutrient deficiency and excess calorie intake cause many unpleasant bird health problems. Find out why your bird needs more than seed to live a healthy and nutritionally-balanced life.
Proper Bird Nutrition is Key to Feather Color
Quality foods, as well as color-enhancing supplements for birds, give your feathered companion healthy looking, radiant feathers that will light up any room.
Quality Diet Equals Quality Life
Getting your bird to eat healthy foods is not as difficult as you may think. With a bit of creativity and a little style, the tasty and convenient foods and treats on the market can help you out.
Variety provides your bird with the nutrition he needs
Nutrition is the foundation for wellness. Provide your bird with a variety of foods, including pellet mixes, fresh produce, nuts, and treats and keep him the happiest and healthiest
Vitamins & Minerals: How they can support your bird's health
A guide to the types of supplements, including vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, that your bird may need to lead an optimally healthy life.
What Should I Feed My Parrot?
Not only are different foods enjoyable for birds to taste, foods with varied textures like broccoli, Swiss chard & string beans are fun for parrots to shred & chew. This pyramid offers a quick glance at what a psittacine, in general, needs to thrive.
What's Cooking? Bird Cooking Blends Offer Mealtime Variety
Your bird craves variety as much as he seeks attention. Learn the benefits of adding cooking diets to your bird's meals, by offering pleasant textures, aromas, and flavors.
What's Missing in Your Bird's Diet?
Good nutrition is the most important aspect of a bird's health, yet many bird owners miss the boat entirely on a crucial piece of avian nutrition – foraging.

Fatty Liver (Hepatic Lipidosis)
Pelleted Food: An Appetizing Diet for Optimal Nutrition
Switching from a Seed-based to a Pelleted Diet
Vitamin A Deficiency (Hypovitaminosis A)
Vomiting and Reguritation: Common Causes

Feather Quality and Skin Condition are Nutrition-Related
Basic Bird Nutrition
How to Switch Your Bird's Diet: Slow and Steady
Blue & Gold Macaw
Calcium is necessary for bird health
Variety provides your bird with the nutrition he needs

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