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Cat Food: Senior Cats FAQs
Do you know the best ways to feed your senior cat? This FAQ outlines feline nutrition guidelines for older cats.

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Cat Calming Solutions Comparison

GENERAL INFORMATION Close expanded article descriptions
Advantages of Adopting an Adult Cat
Here are some reasons that an adult cat from a shelter might be ideal for you.
Automated Cat Products: Simplify Daily Care
Today, there are products which automate daily feeding, watering, litter control, play, and security. Using these devices, you can maintain your cat's comfortable routine, whether you're home or away.
Caring for Your Senior Cat
Looking to make your senior cat's life more comfortable and enjoyable? Use this simple guide.
Cat Healthcare Tips
Nine tips to help you care for your cat and provide him/her with a longer, healthier life.
Cat Waterers: Keep Your Cat Hydrated
Is your cat drinking enough fresh water? Here's a simple way to help keep your cat hydrated.
Cognitive Disorders, Causes of Forgetfulness
Is your senior cat forgetting things? Learn about feline cognitive disorders and how you can help your older cat.
Cost-Saving Home Cat Care Tips
Pet-care costs can add up quickly. Between supplies, nutrition and healthcare, some owners spend thousands of dollars annually for a single pet. Do you make every dollar count? Start with these 10 money-saving tips.
Dealing With Your Cat's Arthritis
Does your senior cat suffer from arthritis? This list of common signs and symptoms can help you and your veterinarian determine if your cat has degenerative joint disease.
Ease Life for Your Senior Cat
Does your older cat receive the mental and physical stimulation she needs for a healthy life? Here's three simple ways to keep your older cat active.
Head to Tail Health Assessments at Home
Did you know the best preventive care starts at home? Use this simple monthly checklist to promote the best health for your cat.
How to Find a Cat-Friendly Apartment
Moving? Use these six steps to help you and your cat find the best cat-friendly apartment.
Keep your Older Cat Mobile
Does your senior or post-surgery cat need help getting around the home? Increase your cat's mobility with these simple, expert tips.
Nutrition for Every Life Stage
Is your kitten or cat getting the nutrition she needs for a healthy life? Find out now.
Older Cat Care: Understanding Chronic Kidney Disease
Kidney disease is one of the most common ailments cats, especially seniors, are at risk for. Here's an overview on causes, symptoms, and treatment.
Senior Cat Daily Care
Want better care for your senior cat? Here's four ways to help keep your older cat healthy and spry.
Senior Cat Medical Concerns
Senior cats are susceptible to a variety of common medical conditions and diseases. Find out more.
Stress in Cats: Signs, Sources & Coping
Even indoor cats living the easy life can become stressed. Here are our veterinarians' recommendations for keeping your kitty cool, calm, and collected.
The Root of "Bad" Cats May be Stress
Is your cat stressed and his behavior turned because of it? Our cat veterinarians and expert behavior specialists can help >

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Feline Diabetes Symptom Checklist
Bring this handy checklist to your next veterinarian appointment. Offers an easy visual checklist of your dog’s specific arthritis symptoms.

Aggression in Older Cats
Nutritional Needs of Senior Cats
The Aging Process & How We Can Help
Senior Cat Care
Cat Calming Solutions Comparison
Dealing With Your Cat's Arthritis
Cat Healthcare Tips
Senior Cat Care
Older Cat Care: Understanding Chronic Kidney Disease
Feline Diabetes Symptom Checklist

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